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I've got 5 years under my belt having served with the CAMus since late December 2002 and frankly, I'm sick of it. The promotion's awful (5 years of being a good boy and ticking all the right boxes...still no stripe), we get treated diabollically at time and we have to put up with a great deal of pointless crap for no good reason most of the time. So I'm looking at transferring over to you boys and girls, hopefully as an Armourer. I got chance this week to speak to a member form your CRT who was very helpful, but as we were both there beating the recruitment drum, we didn't have masses of time to chat, so I was hoping if anybody here would be good enough to give me more info on life in the REME, and of course working as an Armourer. Obviously everyone's experiences will differ, I'm looking to genuine 'call-a-spade-a-spade' acounts of life.

My big question though is pay. As a musician I'm classed as a specialist and therefore on the higher pay scale. I know relatively littler about the transfer process, but will I be likely to take a pay cut upon transferring?

Sorry for the long post, but I really do appreciate any help you can give me!
I think it was higher band after a stripe - don't quote me on that though; it's been a while.

Go for it - good luck!


my hubby is reme, ssgt, so i can ask him any Q that you may have

he is very good at givin pll the right info and will help with anything that he can

just post away and i will answer after i speak to him x

hpoe this is some help
Yes I am in the British Army. I'm waiting for a call from a Major within the corps to get some more info about the job and the transfer procedure, but the more I can find out before the less time of his I take up and the longer I have to form a decision...although I've got a little time as I'm P3 (med board in July hopefully to get upgraded) following a lovely adventure training mishap and I doubt they'll take me until I'm fully fit!

Another concern I have is would I be likely to be treated as a new recruit in trade training? I know I've only done 5 years, but I'm not sure how I'd do under those conditions again!
No you wld not be treated as a new recruit.
they wld recognize you as an exp soldier, prob make you cse senior

this is from my hubby by the way :D
I feel life in the REME is the best there is and would not have had it any other way. Every capbadge whines about how they are treated badly from above and the bad management decisions. Take heart from the fact that it is generic across the whole of the forces and civvy street, although some places are better than others. I can only comment from my own experience but have never had a moment where the good times have out-weighed the bad times and have never had a bad posting (although two REME Bns came pretty close :D )

As far as pay, you will not take a cut if you earn more but will 'mark time' with pay increments until you are on the same level as your peers.

Hope you get what you want.
Thanks electric, that's just what I wanted to hear :) I say we're treated diaboloically, that is rather unfair of me. It's not that bad, but it's only a small part of why I want to transfer. Bad promotion, little scope for gaining usefull civilian quals, and to be honest, infrequent deployment all go into my decision. I joined the Army to deploy and serve my country, and marching up and down the square in a marching band I don't feel is serving to my full potential!

You've all been very helpful, just wish I could transfer now!

I take it I wouldn't be able to transfer as P3 though? (although I am deployable)
Transfer decision would be made by the PSAO or whatever he is called now. Your MCM would also have to agree to release you.

As for the civvy quals - make the most of every opportunity to get yourself to night school, day release, courses, distance learning or whatever. Get as many qualifications as you possibly can, you'll need them for civvy street one day.
My MCM Div shouldn't be too much of an issue, we're over bearing on my instrument (Percussion) although the corps overall is understrength. Having read up on the process, isn't it rather difficult for my MCM to refuse it though?
manwithaplan said:
My MCM Div shouldn't be too much of an issue, we're over bearing on my instrument (Percussion) although the corps overall is understrength. Having read up on the process, isn't it rather difficult for my MCM to refuse it though?
Then it will be Metalsmith for you, surely??? :twisted:

Hat, coat, taxi!

Its gods trade, I transfered in 06, to armourer, its high band when you hit LCpl.
P3 doesn't scare them off, when I mentioned it to a major at MCM he said, 'don't worry so is half the corps'

Oce you get through bordon its a lot different, request armd inf as a first post, its where you learn the quickest!
I transferred from Int Corps to REME as an Electronics Technician in June of last year. I was a LCpl on transfer, but had to revert to Cfn (Private) on transfer, but that is changing soon. I did get 2 years mark time pay so haven't lost anything in coming here. I was also on higher pay band and know that the guys on my course that are direct entrants will go to higher pay band when they get their stripe, which is at the end of this course. If you've been in 5 years, when were you at Winchester? I had a few Musn in my troop there. I started in January 2003.
I was in 1 Troop, A Coy, 27th Jan 03 - 18th Apr 03. What band did you go? 2 of the guys that were in my troop went REME band and are here at Arborfield now, 1 is a Lance Jack the other still a Musn.

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