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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Tommy_Atkins, Aug 7, 2002.

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  1. Hello chaps - I'm thinking of transferring to the Int Corps in a desperate attempt to find something more challenging to do.

    Any top tips for a wannabe? (Exclude the obvious 'I don't believe you want to do that' ones).

    ??? ???
  2. Does the fact that nobody has replied tell you anything?

  3. Tommy

    1.  I take it you have done some Int or Sy related work in your Unit?  If not speak to someone who has.

    2.  Ring your local MI Section & pop round for a brew & a chat.

    3.  If you need the number of our Recruiting WO2, message or email me & I'll let you have his number on Monday.

    Remember the grass is not always greener.....
  4. Tommy Atkins, our Billy says you're droll
    You only did 6 posts
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    Busherated by Millsitor
  5. Having transferred from the gunners I can vouch that the grass is greener! You get cocks in any mob, but I reckon Int is the way to go. Like Subsonic says, nip round to your nearest MI section for a chat.