Transferring in MkII

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by tarnished-oak-leaf, Aug 21, 2002.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen

    I originaly posted on the Adjt's Office board Re: Transfering

    To refresh your memories....

    I'm a 9 yr Inf fullscrew,  I'm in a particular job where I'm in effectively dead-mans-shoes.  And there's 5 of them in front of me!  Promotion to WO2 is NOT a forgone conclusion here, even if I stay to my 22.  I've got a bit more about me than settling for Sgt/CSgt,  I want to 'get on'. I've no intention of getting out for quite a while yet, I just want to give myself the best chance I can (who else is going to do it for me?) and the time has come to grasp the nettle.

    I've had some 'outside' advice to transfer to a corps, Int corps to be precise (aparently I'd be well suited ... ahem).  

    The current Army 'site lists,

    The requirement for an OP MI transfer to be,
    Min 3 GCSE incl. English Language at Grade C level or above. DV Clearance before course commences.  

    My failing point here is the Qual's.  Not that I'm a thicko Infanteer.  I never took my exams for reasons that I wont go into here.  However, as I said I am not thick.

    Is there a way around this 'slight' setback..... anyone? (dare I say it.... any officers?)

    I've had some sound advise from snot_hat and eagle....

          Don't worry about the quals - I joined with 3 CSE grade 4's (couldn't be arrsed at school either!) - it's all about about yer 'EMLAT' score when you apply (English, Maths and Languages Aptitude Test, IIRC).

          Suffice to say, if they give you the qualifications guff - which I doubt they will - get 'em to EMLAT you anyway then let them make a decision.    


         I Know at least one Inf Cpl who lied about his quals  

    'Bit worried about this one,  can anyone shed any more light just to be 100% on whether or not it's all going to be in vein.  I need to know if I can even get through the door to start with!

    The paperwork has started I'd just like some more advise/comments/tips  (especially on this EMLAT thing.... anyone know the format/make-up?)

    Cheers again guys

  2. ;D

    Thanks a lot for that,  I'll go and see the Section next door tommorrow.......... fingers crossed now

  3. As ex green slime now an educator, you could try your education centre and see if they can assess your level-you might be able to get some evidence that even if you don't have a precise qual you are good enough.  Your Div will have a Divisional Language Advisor who will be able to administer the MLAT test to you so you will know if you have the aptitude that the Corps is interested in-hope this is of use to you