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Evening all,

I'm a Matelot officer who's been in for 5 years and I'm considering trying to transfer to the Army. I quite fancy joining the Artillery, but I'm open to other ideas. I wondered if anyone knew how easy it would be to transfer? I've passed my minimum return of service point, so I don't think that getting permission to go would be too difficult, but it's the other end that I want to know about.

In addition, I'm guessing I would have to start, in job equivalence terms, as a 2Lt, which having been used to much more responsibility as a mid seniority SO3 I might find difficult.

I just wondered if anyone would be able to shed any light on this. I'm currently not in the UK so popping to the local careers office isn't an option. I just wanted a bit more information before I talked to (a) my appointer and (b) my girlfriend!
Probably asking in the Officer section of the forum would offer more insight in to your question.

Theres nothing that the AFCO can do, this has all got to be done internally through your CofC and then through your RCMO (equivalent). If you are successful then it would be up to the SPSO/Desk officer to decide on what rank you come in as.
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