Transferring from the RAF to the RLC

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Stacks, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Evening all,

    I'm in the midst of trying to decide if it is worth transferring from the RAF to the RLC. I'm currently 6 years into an 18 year commission as a supply officer. I've done a few deployed jobs working closely with the Army, a joint tour working at Wilton and light blue postings.

    Having seen the RLC working in the UK and on Ops, I'm thinking of a transfer as the deployable and punchy jobs available to me in the RAF (such as they are) are drying up. I like the way the Army works, the wider variety of roles available in the RLC (compared to RAF supply, the sheer scale helps) and really want a job where I can do something more immediately related to ops, but am uncertain if I want to run the risk of entering a lengthy training system again and loss of seniority (currently looking for a light blue 2ic role). Before I start raising the issue with my Boss, I thought trying ARRSE might produce some useful gen.........
  2. Far too many supply officers in the RAF, can't we swap you for a SAC/Private!
  3. I like the use of the terms "light blue" and "punchy."
    Yes, please go.

    I wonder if the army share the same supply logic though. "Yes, there's one in stock but you can't have it, someone might need it."

  4. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think you may have to do Sandhurst first.
  5. I've dealt with some transfers before. You're unlikely to do RMAS but will have to do either Troop Commanders Course or the Captains Course.

    Your first job will be picked to ease you in and give you the widest possible experience. We have the gaps to take you as well, if we want you post interview process.

    I suggest you contact one of our desk officers (you don't mention your rank so it will depend). PM me and I will dig out their numbers. Process takes about 3-4 months all up.
  7. stay a blue job, as a supply officer.
  8. {wah}Learn some more about the Army first, then you won't make such daft statements?{/wah}
  9. Cheers Dettingen - PM inbound.

    Good to see so many on here sticking up for the light blue - I'm not deserting, just looking at options......