Transferring from TA to Regular Army? (help)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by singh3755, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. hi all!!

    Im just wondering if its easy to transfer from the Territorial army to the regulars, if i will have to go through the recruitment process such as the recruitment selection center and etc if i wanted to transfer from the territorial army TA into the regular army?

    And also how long does it take because i really want to join the regulars but my fitness at this moment of time is quite poor so therefore im going to join the TA and then after one year im going to transfer into the regulars.

    If some one can help me i will be very greatful!!! Thanks
  2. The best thing that you can do is to go to your local army careers office. They will give you all the most up to date information. However, depending upon the regiment or corps you want to serve in, the vacancy of a place there and your desire to get 'in', will all factor into the time it will take to 'transfer'! Give the TA a stab and see what you think! But if your phys level is low then you have got your work cut out for you!
  3. If that’s your plan then you’ll need to redo your basic with the regs once your ready to transfer. If you planned to transfer to the regs after 3-5yrs with the TA then it would be a different story.

    The TA simply cannot give you the same quality of training as the regs, we’re part timers and there simply isn’t enough time in the day.

    Plenty of people join the TA with the idea of getting fitter and eventually joining the regs, it’s a good way of getting in.
  4. hello, thanks for your replies!!!!

    So if i have to redo my basics after 1yr at TA would i still have to go through the normal application procedures such as the barb test and the 2 interviews or would i be going straight into the basic training at Lichfield?

  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. You’d have to go though the normal channels like any other civi, you’ll still have to do the BARB test.

    There’s a chap at my unit doing it as we speak.

    It’ll look good if you’re already in the TA when you have your interviews, they’ll be more likely to accept you.
  7. Unfortunately, you'll need to get yourself fit before you join. Believe it or not, the TA is just a part time version of the regular army, and dependant on which unit you join, the fitness requirements match those of the regular army.

    If you're really all for joining the regular army, go for it and join straight. They'll get you fit in training. If you're not altogether sure, join the TA and get yourself mobilised for a tour with a regular unit. Unless you're a total mong, they'll offer you a place within the batallion at the end and you can transfer straight across.

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  8. Sorry to butt in. Ive now done nine years in the T.A. And six Tours. Ive been told that if i was to transfer over to the regs i would miss basic and have to done all my trade training again. is this true??
  9. Err, if you're infantry they might make you do 2 weeks at catterick. Other arms i'm not sure about.

    Best way to do it is to get an attachment to a regular unit, show them you can do it, and they should take you on the strength of that.
  10. But whatever you do do not leave the TA and then join the regular Army as it adds an extra 2-4 months on the applicastion process as i have recently found out.
  11. Stop poaching about looking for easier route's in i.e. through the back door,if you want to be Regular then grow a set and get your self off to Depot,by the time you've f*cked about with the TA dipping your toe in the water to see wheather you like it or not you could be out of training and at your Bn,Unit,Regiment !
  12. I do sometimes get the impression that some people join the TA, as an easier, backdoor route into the regular Army... which, honestly speaking, reflects very badly on the TA.
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    And some people join the TA, realise that they want to do it full time, but feel that going back to basic training after x years of service and possibly an operational deployment may be a step back rather than forward.

    If you are only planning to do a few years and go, why not transfer straight in and avoid 6 month of that time on basic. Just be aware that some promotional hurdles may be put in your way (and having to deal with people who will see you as "backdoor" entry).

    If you want to go for the full career, you should go back and do basic training to avoid any accusations of backdoor entry from the hard of thinking.
  14. Agreed,the way i see it,if you want to be a Reg then join the Reg's,if you want to join the TA then join the TA,don't T*T about wasting not only your time but everyone else's !
  15. It is possible to get into the regular army through the TA, but it's by no means the easy route. It means proving yourself on an operational tour with a regular batallion, and even then you'll only be offered a transfer if you can do the job and you're liked.

    As backblast put it, if you want to join the regs, join the regs!