Transferring from TA to Regs



Hi new to these boards, my question is simple, i hope.
I am aware of people joing regs from ta, however i am 42 years of age.
If i were at this stage of my life considering a career change, would it be possible for me to join any of the reg forces direct, or maybe join ta first and use that route.
Pretty sure regs closes its doors at 33. TA at 43.. but don't quote me on this - try a search and you'll get plenty of info.

From what i understand, previous service will give you some help in extending those limits, but how much i don't know. Transfering from TA to Regs seems to be increasingly common and viable, especially in these times of low retention and high commitments, but your age may make this more tricky. Best bet would be search on here, if you need more info contact local recruitment as they now cover TA and Regs, and if you get a negative answer from them a visit to your local unit in person might be more rewarding. Bear in mind much of the reason for having an upper limit is fitness and health, so if your not too fit at the moment, then get that squared away so you can make a good impression.

Join the Regs from scratch is off the table in the sense of going to an ACIO and applying (most common route for people going from TA to Regs). FTRS is a possibility i.e. sign onto a regular unit for a period of time then transfer at the end of your contract if the unit and glasgow like you. Also what capbadge and rank are you as this would have a large impact with the FTRS route.

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