Transferring from Soldier to Officer

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shake, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. Evening Fellas.

    Did my Barb test about two weeks ago, got a score which I was very pleased with, then did the literacy test on which I got whatever the top level was, very chuffed about that.

    After that though my recruiting sjt said that i needn't bother doing the numeracy so off I went home.

    Had my interview on the 3rd, where I was given my selection dates and rail warrants, but also, told that there was a good chance I would be selected for officer training after basic... obviously thats a pretty awesome prospect for me but does anyone know how it happens, or how often etc.

    Cant wait for selection!

    Anyone know anything about it? Cheers, Shake.
  2. Firstly, what Barb score did you get? and second, what trade are you going for? as only a few trades recruit officers from within the ranks. Do you have A-levels?? I was told the same but was also told it will be a few years from passing training to being put through an officer conversion course.
  3. I got 79. Joining the Rifles (infantry). With regards to what you said about it normally being a years before a chance for conversion, thats what I had previously been told as well, but my entire joining process has been one of conflicting info!

    Who knows then, cheers, shake.
  4. Best thing to do is send an e-mail to the careers guys on the armyjobs website. They are pretty good at answering questions the careers office pass off, i was under the impression that Infantry could either go in as officer or as grunt and have to work the way up over the career. Not massively up on the infantry though so don't take this as gospel.
  5. No...... Officers are not recruited from any trades. However, there are some grains of truth in there!

    There are three routes to a commission in the British Army.

    1. Direct entry to Sandhurst. With a suitable academic background (a degree or A Levels) you can attend the Army Officer Selection Board (AOSB) at Westbury. If you are considered suitable for further training, then you will go forward to Sandhurst.
    2. Soldier entry to Sandhurst. After you have joined the Army as a soldier, should you show the qualities required of a commissioned officer, you may be offered the opportunity to attend Sandhurst. I am not going to detail the exact route because it changes by the day, but you will, almost certainly, have to attend the AOSB. I recommend that you pursue this route before the age of 28.
    3. Late Entry Commission. Minimum of 30 years of age and substantive rank of WO2 depending on the Corps.

    If the ACIO considers that you might be a commissioning candidate then, IMHO, they should arrange for you to be interviewed as a potential officer and then send you to Westbury.

    Telling you that you might be commissioned in the future and insisting that you sign on the dotted line now is tantamount to either fraud or cowardice; you are either a potential officer now or you aren't!

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  6. Cheers Litotes, because i must admit that it was a little confusing to me. I heard that RMP can be given officer training but had no idea it was a full RMA Sandhurst course, presumed it was just some sort of conversion training
  7. As far as your view that the ACIO should either put me forward for officer training or not mention it at all, I do see your point but as I have no A- levels the direct route is not unavailable to me. So I think what he is saying is that he thinks theres a good chance I could be put on the conversion course, whether any of this will materialise is an entirely different matter though!!

    Cheers, Shake
  8. I do remember when i was in basic trg back in the 90's, our troop had 3 lads who were "singled" out for officer trg, all 3 were different cap badges but i do remember one of them was r.artillery.
    Dont know if he went on to become officer though.
  9. Just picked up on this thread. With regards to Officer Selection, it doesn't matter which avenue of approach you use, but without the pre-requisite qualifications the only way is to get a Late Entry Commission. No A-Levels (or Higher), no opportunity to go to the AOSB!

    If you wish to commission from the ranks on a Direct Entry (DE) after any length of service you still need these qualifications. I suggest you stick to the path you're on and use every opportunity to improve your basic educational quals once you're in. Money is avavilable for Enhanced Learning and you may even be lucky enough to get a year off to study on a sabatical. I know of at least one Officer who made it that way.

    As to Cap Badge, it doesn't matter which arm or service you're in. My only caution is that it is very, very rare (but not unheard of, I know of at least 3) for an Infantry or Cavalry soldier to commission into the Inf or Cav, but common for them to transfer to Corps at Sandhurst.

  10. But i was told RMP are different and that half the officers in there are guys and girls who went through the normal police duties and after two years i think they said, were put forward for officer selection. I have heard this from a few resources. One of the reasons i was told, is because the RMP officers are more man management based and it is because they have the experience of the ground roles. I know of at least one RMP officer who doesn't have a-levels
  11. I know when I was in Juniors a guy got singled out and offered the officer route, he was RMP, decided not to take but it does happen. Though that was in 1991 and the armys no doubt changed a little.
  12. The process will still be the same and the RMP will not be treated differently to any other cap badge.

    A soldier is eligible to apply for DE the RMAS via the same route as civilian applicants. In the cases where this happens the solider will usually have, or have gained while in service, a minimum of 2 A Levels and possibly even a degree/diploma by distance learning. They then apply through the chain of command for AOSB.

    I know that the entry standards for cap badges such as the Int Corps, RMP, REME can be high and it is not uncommon to have soldiers who have an A Level or two and whose potential develops with age/experience in the army such that they wouldn't have passed AOSB had they gone there without a couple of years service under their belts.

    If you know of an RMP officer without A Levels, or equivalent qualifications at that level, then chances are they are Late Entry.
  13. Hmmmm....

    Wou would have to check with the recruiters ref the educational requirements, but what you have been "told" is almost true.

    Soldiers can be selected to do Officer training, once they have been seen to have the aptitude and potential and usually (although not always) if they have qualifications.

    They used to run courses that would give you the educational ticks in boxes once you had been selected from the ranks as having the potential.

    For a Rctg Sgt to say you will probably be picked up for it soon after Phase 1 is a bit daft, based only on BARB test. You also need the nod of your Troop/Pl Commander, Sub-Unit Commander and ultimately CO.

    As for RMP being different, they certainly are! BUT they do not routinely recruit their officers from within the RMP ranks - it just might be that given that the RMP soldiers have a higher GTI score than, say infantry, they will see the leadership potential in more of their soldiers accordingly.

    Also you wouldn't have to be commissioned into your current capbadge.

    There are other threads on the Officers page about similar things IIRC.
  14. When a troop commander,I persuaded several of my soldiers to try officer training.Most did well,but Mons was an option then,with a conversion to a Reg commission after about 3 years.All 3 who made it,by that route,have done well(2 Col,1x Brig).With the demise of the Mons option,there seems to be a reduction in possible commissioning routes,for really good soldiers to be commissioned.However,I'm sure that The Army can always find a way-if it wants to.My YO course Senior,for example,was a former REME S/Sgt and outstanding.