Transferring from Royal Signals to RA

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by iLoveYourMumDrunk, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    Just abit of backround information. I just returned from Herrick 12 where I had worked alongside the FST of 4th Reg. I came away realising how shitty my job was and I am keen to transfer. I would like to go 4th Reg preferably as I enjoyed the company of the lads whilst on tour.

    I am a class 2 radio operator in the signals so the trade training shouldn't be a problem. I am thinking about doing my class 1 in the signals and what I am wondering how this will fare to my transfer, wether it will make a difference or not?

    And also what is the course like? and if anyone has transfered to become an FST from any other capbadge I would enjoy reading upon your expierience.

    Sorry for that bombardment of questions, I just don't want to dive into the darkness not knowing what I'm doing here.
  2. It depends how "warry" you want to be - you could volunteer for 4/73 Bty and don't need to be a gunner.

    As for transfer to RA, I don't know how Class 2 Rad Op converts to GCS qualifications. You mention your class 1 - again, I don't know where this sits. Also - are you a Signaller (i.e. not NCO yet?) and how long have you been in. It could be that the less time the better, as less to undo, but it could be that there are no gaps for unqualified guys.

    Best bet is to talk to your RCMO (any chance of doing that without feeling like it will go nowhere?) and asking if he can put you on to a Gunner careers type. They will be able to advise on exactly what you would need to do to convert and if there are any vacancies. You may find that requesting a specific regiment will go out the window and youu'll be sent where they need you most.
  3. Yea I'm still a Signaller and I've been in for 4 years adult service. Which I know doesn't seem good seen as how Royal Signals push lads through promotion quickly. But this isn't due to disciplinary or general mong reasons. I just havn't competed as much as I should have really.

    Anyway, the reason I choice the FST role is because I had worked alongside an FST operator out on the ground in Herrick 12, and I was really impressed by the professionalism aswell as working alongside other Arty operators in the Ops Room. You would think that Royal Signals Radio Operators are going to be best in the business, but this certainly isn't the case, and I will be the first to stick my hand up and say that the Arty have been the best I have seen.

    I want to avoid working on the guns as much as possible and stick to being a tradesman, is this possible?

    I would like to see my RCMO, but I don't really want to go in blind with no information or having no idea what I'm talking about. Is there any sort of publication I can look into so I don't march into his office chatting general shit?

    Cheers for your help
  4. You could try and get in touch with the RCMO at 4th Regt. He or she should be able to help or alternatively try and get in touch with people at Larkhil recruiting team.

    I know 4th Regt are your main choice and knowing a few of them i know they are good lads and lasses, but you could end up at one of the othe gun Regts as an FST.

    A mate of mine transferred from Air Defence to 40 Regt to be an FST and he loves it there.

    Either way i wish you luck.
  5. My unit has a SSgt that transfered from the signals so it is possible. As for courses I would have thought you would have to attand something as yes you might now Bowman but you will not have the other skills tort on the courses. The SSgt I mentioned still had to attend the ACS course for his rank which gave him a RA qual.
  6. You need to find out the Training Objectives for RA Gunner Command Systems (GCS) or maybe ACS Level 1 and 2, possibly even 3. I have no idea if they're available online anywhere.

    You should then be able to map those TOs against what you have done in R Signals to see if you would be given credit for the work you have done.

    As pointed out, you may need to do the course closest to your experience and rank range to formally convert you to RA trades. If you want to be FST (OP Ack) then you may do OP Ack level 2 and find that you can breeze the comms piece and listen in hard to the Fire Support bit!

    I hope this helps - at least you would be able to approach your RCMO and say you want to transfer to RA, as an OP Ack (observation post assistant - possibly called FST Assistant these days). that gives cap badge change and trade you want to be.

    If you're still private soldier level, then I would suggest crossing over to Level 2 RA trade qual either GCS or FST (prob FST is best). RCMO should then be able to contact RA recruiting and find out if there are any slots for a more experienced bloke (rather than straight from 24 Bty) who "just" needs to re-trade.

    leadership courses would be another question thrown in - if you've got 4 years under you belt, then they should look to get you promoted ASAP after the cap badge swap.
  7. Great stuff guys. Will definetly get this sorted. Thanks for your help. Much apprecieted.
  8. at a guess, given the info you have already told us... you have done one unit, and therefore more than likely only one tour. class 2 and a siggy in 3 years makes you middle third more than likely and shows you as indecisive. whats to say something else doesnt take your fancy soon. because basing your VAST experience in the signals, and indeed the artillery regiments. shows that your attention span is a little short. sure the corps can be dull at times. but im guessing that the arty lads (back me up here) arent all about the stuff you did on tour during their stay in peacetime locs. iv done 3 INF attachments before it was the soinc(a)s cool new toy and loved it, i got out on the ground on tour communicated, got good CRs then returned to my dull bde sig sqn lifestyle. training for the next cycle.

    best piece of advice i could give you is, look at what your new jobs worst day is like. apache pilots arent up in the air all the time hosing down taliban, they can be sat in wattisham not flying at all. im sure most jobs in peacetime locs are the same.

    if you want to be a better signaller, put in for it. Inf supt teams or any bde sig sqn gets you loaned out. and instead of putting in for crypto custodian or other REMFy jobs then put in for compound clearance courses, bowman uplifts and other jollys to blandford making you more of an asset. after all, if you have a tacsat qual, some sort of brecon qual and a load of other ally shit behind you then where is the yofs going to employ you?

    life doesnt have to be landrovers and BFOT, and tour is ALWAYS better than exercise.