transferring from Royal Anglian to RM

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cdt_l/cpl, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. I was wondering if it is possible to serve in the Infantry for a couple of years in the Royal Anglian Regiment, and then get a transfer over to the Royal Marines instead of doing the AACC while in the Army? And if i was to join the Royal Anglian regiment and attened the AACC and passed would i wear the Commando Green beret and the Royal Anglian cap badge?
  2. No pretty much coverd that one

    The only guys I ever heard of going Royal from Pongo, got out and rejoined and the same goes the other way as well. The only time I heard of a cross service transfer was an officer I knew who tried to go RAF , but he was unsuccessful, but I am sure there are many here who will say it is possible.

    Word of warning my friend, army experience (in my experience) means feck all to a booty and I'm sure they will regal you with stories of how much better they are and how much extra training they do etc etc etc

    You need to make a choice before you start, Army or Marines, they are different in many ways.

    Oh BTW if you are lucky to do the AACC (and pass it) whilt in the army you will NOT beable to wear the green beret unless you serve in 3 Bde or one of the other cdo groups. But you do get a pretty badge instead
  3. Join the Rifles and have the choice of Commando, Armoured and Light Role infantry - no messy career changes there!
  4. I'd echo T-D's comments. The easiest way you'll be allowed to go green-lid without leaving the Army is by transferring to a Commando rolled unit, like 1st Battalion, The Rifles or the Commando Arty unit, or apply for SBS selection as I understand that you have to do AACC before you can get on it, although that may just be the case if you're coming in from the Andrew-side of things.

    Failing that, it's a case of getting out and then re-enlisting in the RM as part of their mob. Roll mats at the ready!
  5. It's all very well telling the lad to go to the Rifles but if they dont recruit on his patch then he's stuffed. You can't pick and choose which Regt to go for. (unless you have a family connection)

    I had a mate who passed out as champion recruit and joined 3 Royal Anglian -he served 3 years and left to join the Royal Marines, also passed out again as champion recruit and the last i heard he was an Officer in 40 Commando.

    We had a guy in 1 Royal Anglian who passed the AACC, he didn't serve with the Brigade just wore the dagger back at the Bn.
  6. If you want to join the Marines then join the Marines,don't be wasting the Army's time,or the Royal Anglian's for that matter.Why would you want to join the Royal Anglian's and wear a Green Beret ??? I know why,it's because you subscribe to Gun's n Ammo and Throwing Knives Monthly,mini-Walt...
  7. cdt_l/cpl - where are you from?
  8. Since when?

    It is really simple. When you get to the recruit selection centre just tell them what Regiment you want to join and that you won't be joining the Army if that one is not offered to you.

    Over 25 years ago I did so despite serious pressure from the Army (and my late father, god bless him) to join a Guards Regiment (essentially because dad had served and was still well known at that time) I made it clear it was RGJ or I'd find something else. Unsuprisingly I have been mafia ever since.

    Probably the only time you will have most of the aces is when you join. If you don't play them then and just accept what you are offered then you are a knob.

  9. The Rifles can probaly do with the lad then, both Royal Anglian Bn's are 700 strong. You can have him.
  10. At the end of the day I don't think it matters what regiment you join. Wherever you go you will ,once you've settled in and made a few good mates, know that you're in the finest regiment in the finest army in the world.
  11. Don't expect it to happen over night if you do, my transfer has been in for 6 months now, always making excuses abouts delays etc. Looks like it will be after Afgan when i finally depart to re-start more recruit training, we-hey
  12. what is the point of completeing basic, serving for a while, then going back to basic and wasting all your previous efforts? Personally I would hate to go through all that bull twice but some people are wierd 8O :roll: :lol: :?
  14. BBM - not plugging the Rifles mate - just letting the lad know of an option that he might not have been aware of.