Transferring From REME to RE.

Hi all. Probably been covered somewhere else, however looking for more up to date info, preferably from someone in the know. Looking to transfer from a class 2 VM in 16AA to the RE. Looked online, found a trade called Search Specialist which I liked the sound of the description. Can anyone tell me more about them, trade training, qualifications, tour oppurtunities etc? And what are the odds of me being allowed to transfer whilst the army are cutting down. Thanks for your time.
Am under the impression that there are no lateral transfers for REME soldiers at the moment. How long have you been in? Relatively junior soldiers would have signed paperwork agreeing to this when they joined up, did you not?
I've never heard of search specialist as a trade, search is a path you can go down either by choosing to go to 33 EOD or ending up in a search squadron/team (not by choice).
Unless they've changed it very recently and made it a trade like they did with armoured, but not seen anyone tip up at our unit with it as a trade.
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