Transferring from regular to TA

Hi all,

Just wanted the low down on transferring to become a stab. I in the engineers as a draughty. My home is in the brighton area. Do i keep the same pay grade? Also how does the pay work?

Whats the crack?
welcome to the '' real army'' REgards pay,,, who knows ???
If you're going Reg - TA I'd strongly advise you to spend a couple of nights and weekends 'checking out' the unit to make sure you're happy the TA is right for you. I know of ex RN Regs who wanted to go RNR but regretted having joined as it wasnt the same as the RN - don't expect everything to be the same, but invest some time and keep an open mind!
You don't transfer into the TA. You quit the Regular Army then join the TA. If you don't leave it too long, your trade matches and there are vacancies, it can be an almost seamless transition back into your old job.

Given that you're an ex Draughty, you'll know that matching your trade will put you back to where you (presumably) were - 170 at Chilwell - in which case you just need to be informed that it's a nationally-recruited Component, either in 65 Wks Gp (all TA) or in one of the hybrid units, largely dependent on your discipline. This means that you'll have a 19 day obligation but as Draughties are in relatively short supply and much in demand, you'll probably have the opportunity to increase this if you have the time available.

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