transferring from pvt to officer! where to begin

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by h_j_c, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. Im currently serving as a Pvt soldier, have been for 14 months, and with the new 2020 reform and no forthcoming tours on the plate, i am wanting to move onto something that will be more befeficial to me later in life. Namely becoming an Army Officer.

    I am slightly aware of how the process runs but am unsure of where to find support. As any veteraned/intelligent soldier knows, your average barracks does not hold any news paper but The Sun and the most popular magazines sold are Nuts and Zoo. Not the best for politics and current affairs. I have also spoken to my troopie about it who is about as useful as a cock flavoured and as stuck up as every other crow household division officer. It seems to me that there is no proper support system in place to help soldiers who would like to attempt to move onto bigger and better things.

    There are no sites that i am aware of that allow the download of planning exercises or arithmatic tests and every person i have asked, seems to be clueless as to what im talking about or replies with search google. Tried it and you have to pay for it!

    Who would be the best person/officer to speak to in my unit to find proper support and where would i be best to start looking for help for the academia side of becoming an officer?

    hjc (please excuse spelling)
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Speak to your Sqn/Coy commander and tell him you are interested in a commission. It isn't rocket science..
  3. mso

    mso LE

    Although if you don't know the difference between Pvt and Pte, veteraned, beneficial, i and I, arithmetic, the ability to use a comma, adjectives instead of a noun or how to use the search function on arrse to find a planning ex, and indeed the wherewithal to go to your local newsagent for a quality paper, then your options may be limited...
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  4. mso, don't reinvent the wheel. Some of us have been here already.
  5. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I swear that I'm suffering from deja vous.
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  6. Oh Dear!!!
  7. Didn't you learn anything from the last thread?

    Officer? You'll be fine!

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  8. Perhaps the OP felt that he needed to resurrect a thread because of all of the internet grammar and spelling Nazis?

    FFS some of you need to get a grip, this is a young serving soldier asking supposed senior and more informed people (this isn't the NAAFI bar) for some help. There's no need to judge either his English or his attitude, if you have no advice to offer then you are of no help...
  9. ...and, of course, the DS at RMAS will ignore his English and his attitude?

    Get real, Sir,

    Many on the previous thread, me included, advised the young man to do something to improve his use of the language, and to make some attempt to curb his inferiority complex about the 'us and them' syndrome he appears to suffer from.

    He was also advised to do something that makes a positive contribution to his case for trying the commissioining route, but he seems unable to do this either.

    We are not all total gobshites here - trying to rip an aspiring young soldier a new one for his daring. I was commissioned ten days after becoming a WO1, having spent the previous fourteen years proving my worth. This young man has fourteen MONTHS of military experience to bolster HIS case.

    I rest my point.

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  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    As are yours, take it somewhere else.
  11. Sandhurst are always on the lookout for officer candidates who cannot spell, but pray tell W.T.F is a pvt soldier, is it like a pte soldier only much more niglike and wooden?
  12. Do you honestly think the DS at RMAS will look to this site for guidance? I spent 22 years proving my worth before commissioning and at every opportunity I helped people who were of a lower rank to me. 14 years to get to WO1 and then commission? Do you get a bit carried away with your self importance?

    Oh and the common phrase is that you "rest your case".
  13. Ya think? My grammar is not the best in the world, but you should have seen some of the undergrad and postgrad crap I was marking at uni. Spelling and grammar, along with commonsense, seems to be missing from the modern curriculum.

    The really sad thing is that wordprocessors have a spellcheck facility..............and they can't even use that!
  14. Isnt 14 months a very short time to be thinking of a career change?

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  15. Stroo.