Transferring from FTRS (TA) to Regular - P7!


I was in the regular army 1991-1998, then joined the TA in 1998. In 2007 I signed onto FTRS (full time reserve service) and am half way through a 4 year full time posting.

I've now decided to sign on Regular again. The only problem is, a few weeks ago, I was downgraded for the 1st time ever, to P7 (temp) as I'm awaiting a minor op. However, I'm fully fit (in that I'm not signed off of any activities, and still do (and pass) PFTs and CFTs, as my minor problem is purely logistical and doesn't affect me physically). The P7, in the doc's own words, is purely an umbrella to stop me being deployed whilst I'm awaiting this minor procedure.

Does anyone know if this will affect my application? Obviously as I'm downgraded I would think it would adversly affect it, but on the other hand, I'm still classed as 'fit for all duties', but just within the UK! I think it best to wait until I'm upgraded again but am keen to get the ball rolling to rejoin ASAP.

Any adice would be much appreciated. :wink:
Dont qoute me, but I think you shouldnt come up against any problems. P7 as youve said is just being used to safeguard you till your operation.
You need to get a letter from the doc who downgraded you explaining the circumstances to accompany any application, otherwise it won't even get a look in.

Age might be an issue, and how many years reckonable service they 'reckon' you've got left.
I have a 39yo downgraded Cpl who works for me just had his S type confirmed for next 10 years, was FTRS now S type.

Maybe it depends what trade you are and the shortfall in that trade/capbadge I'm certainly no expert but I do know guy's are getting taken on.

Good luck.
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