I am currently looking into transferring from the Aussie Army to the Brits and have been told that it is quite achievable and that my chances are good (depending on my annual performance reports obviously). My dual citizenship will help. I've got the paperwork ready to go, just holding off for a bit before submitting.

I am a LT in Artillery, however really want to transfer across to infantry within the British Army and serve in the Royal Regiment of Scotland, for family reasons.

I will be a 22 yr old Captain at the time I wish to transfer (end of 2011) and a qualified Forward Observer and have been told that I would most likely retain my rank if I remained Artillery. I would not be worried about dropping rank in order to serve with the Scots as I am still young.

Does anyone know of the possibilities of this happening?

I understand that the Brits would probably prefer me to remain in Artillery given my qualifications. I know I would have to complete the Platoon Commanders Battle Course at Brecon and pretty much start from scratch within Infantry.

If a transfer to Infantry was achievable what would my chances of getting the regt / bn of choice?

Any opinions/info would be great



On the face of it, I would expect you to have a very good chance of transferring over to infantry, provided that you have a good record in the Aussie army, but I would expect you to have to drop down to Lieutenant and do a tour as a platoon commander as well as PCBC. Whether you can get a slot in the Scots is another matter: it will all depend on vacancies and whether they like you. As a 22 year old, you're at the right age for any monkeying around with rank to have zero impact on your future career.
Glad to hear it. I would hope to eventually specialise in mortars and i guess that with my artillery background i would be quite well suited to thar.

In terms of trying to get into RRS, what would the best way o go about it? Should i contact the regiments recruiting? or just hope to get it when i apply?

I believe i have had family who have served in the regiment years ago, as ive seen the old war records and theres alot of people with my last name in there, and my last name isnt exactly common, however i cannot be 10% sure if they are actually any relation.

Surely with family living in Edinburgh (the whole of dads side of the family) then this would help my case in getting into 1 or 2 SCOTS?


britdownunder said:
Surely with family living in Edinburgh (the whole of dads side of the family) then this would help my case in getting into 1 or 2 SCOTS?
It won't harm it but if you look through the threads on here, you will see that Regimental selection is a two way process: you have to want to join them; and they have to want to take you. Their decision on whether they take you is governed by a whole host of factors, of which family connection to the Regiment is only one - and a relatively unimportant one, if truth be told. You will be compared against all the others in your peer group at the time of your application and you'll make it if you shape up against all the criteria they're measuring.

As for 'specialising in mortars', I would think that the most you could do would be a tour as a mortar platoon commander and possibly a tour as an instructor at the School of Infantry: don't try to narrow your horizons too much.
First thing to do is to contact the Regimental Secretary:

He can answer all your questions accurately, but you wouldn't be the first Aussie to come across (we've got two in our Regiment, not the SCOTS).

You would get seniority for your previous service and you would have to complete PCBC
Thanks for the help guys.

Will definitely get in touch with the Regimental Secretary. If/When I transfer all I want is to serve with either 1 or 2 SCOTS.

Another question:

I know that units get moved around every now and again to places like Germany and N. Ireland often does this occur?

Dad was attached to the Royal Scots back in the mid to late 80s after they returned from a 7 or so year stint in Germany. (he later laterally transferred)
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