transferring from 4 para to the regular paras

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ricky8675, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. hi folks, as the title suggests im thinking about going full time, i joined 4 para a year ago after serving 6 years regular infantry, non para. Iv done TA P Company and im doing my jumps in march. My question is if i decide to go full time once more what will i have to do? Iv heard i will need to do regular P company, is this the case? Also im deploying nearer the end of the year so i will be going ftrs, is there anyway to stay on after this? Im not trying to sneak in the back door, iv no dramas with doing P company again, im just after a bit of info guys. thanks for your help in advance! Ric
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Don't ask on here - speak to your SPSI. He will be able to give you chapter and verse.

    In general terms, regular P Coy would be compulsory. If you are being mobilised for H13, you are mobilised not FTRS, and will go back to 4 Paraon demob. FTRS is like rocking horse shite and the moment, and the few guys we have on FTRS are at risk of having their contracts expire without the option of transferring across to a regular contract.

    You may have missed the boat on this one, as the approach to (theoretical) full manning is limiting the options to move across.
  3. thanks for the quick reply duke, i willl be speaking to my psi tonight but was just wanting a heads up. By saying iv missed the boat do you mean i wont get in at all or that i wont be able to stay on after H13? As said before i dont mind having to do p coy again so thats not a problem. I suppose my concern is that i go in as a day 1 week 1 joe! I dont want to have to do cmsr & cic again, would that be a possibility?
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The option of transferring over after H13 may exist, but is getting less and less likely.

    The only guaranteed way is to go through the rejoining process via the careers office. The recruiting SNCO will be able to give you the full information about how that process would work, but I believe that rejoiners are not having a lot of luck at the moment. They have queues of keen as hell 18 year olds lining up outside the ACIOs, ready to go through the system.
  5. Thanks for your sound advice duke,i'll speak to my psi tonight and see what he says. Iv also heard that its getting harder to rejoin at the moment due to the army being full! *Cough's* bullshit! I assumed the army would take experience over nievity any day' but obviously not! Anyway thanks again i'll let you know what my psi says

    cheers ric
  6. With respect mate, your most recent experience on paper is that you have completed your relevant TA training and an arduous course, it isnt 'bullsh*t' regarding manning unfortunately, Ive got a couple of very experienced mates who have only been out 18 and 20 months respectively that are not having any joy with getting back in.

    There is nothing they cant do with a fresh face in 8 months that you have done to press with 4 Para, and again with respect It would be foolish to assume they should bump you forward with the admin process, sign your paperwork off and put you straight in a unit which in essence would be ideal, in an ideal world :)

  7. my point was why waste 8 months training recuits when you have loads of trained guys wanting to get back in, im not wanting to jump the queue or be bumped forward in an admin sense, i was mearly stating my concern about having to do courses that i have all ready done, and i wasnt assuming anything... :D
  8. It wasnt an insinuation mate, I toy with re-enlisting about 6 times an hour :D Attitudes are far different now from what they were 18 months ago in respect of re-joiners, but like I said in an ideal world we could shut up shop at home, tip up for some paperwork and slot straight back in, my point was that its pretty gash that people who are not long out of the loop and suitably qualified arent scooped back up in the instant..Like the Duke said it isnt impossible to stay on post tour, both reserve tours Ive went on had the option of staying on afterwards so there is hope
  9. your the same as me then mate as toy with re-enlisting often and this time im about ready to do it! its just shit that it is so hard for ex regs to get back in!

    anyway im hoping my psi will fill me with words of wisdom and have some good news! :D