transferring during training

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Murphy2012, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. ok well im in week 4 of para training, and i just dont think its for me.
    so i was thinking of transferring to yorkshire regiment. i was just wondering what the difference in the difficulty of training will be? and any other differences?
  2. Give it a bit of time, you've only been there 3 weeks. It's not for everyone but you may regret it later if you don't fully apply yourself.
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  3. Without trying to sound like a typical para, it'll be a bit easier I would imagine, as the fitness standards in depot para are higher.

    That said, if you're after the easy life (and I'm not saying any infantry training is easy) then maybe the army as a whole isn't for you.

    Like has been said before, you've only just started, give it a chance don't make a decision you may regret just because you're getting shouted at or beasted. After a few weeks it'll calm down as you get a grip on what is expected of you. Good luck

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  4. I know quite a few blokes who left in the first 3 months or so. Everyone of them now regrets that decision. Just keep plodding on, try your best and suddenly there will be light at the end of the tunnel. You never know you could end up as a 22 year man.
  5. Hey, Im in the application process at the minute and hopefully going Para. Just curious, why dont you think its for you?
  6. As an observation, the two blokes I know who transferred from depot para to Scots Div in week 9 both excelled in their subsequent training platoons & battalions being loaded quickly on to PTI and then NCO cadres.

    Plus, when your CO & RSM embrace para recruiting teams coming to their battalion to entice the best blokes to go maroon then sadly you sort of come to accept the "difference" between airborne & line infantry.

  7. I take it you just open yer mouth and let yer belly rumble?
  8. Jezzy, what happened to your post about someone from the Rifles transferring to Depot PARA halfway through training?

    First of all the OP was on about transferring from Reg to Yorks which is feasible.

    Going the way you're on about would be very difficult for a number of reasons.

    You mentioned the run times, if you can make the run times then there'd be no problem, if, you were in the early stages of training ie the first couple of weeks.

    As the training progresses the reg are tabbing farther, running farther, and the exercises are a bit different. Not to mention all this is coupled with getting ready for P Coy.

    Going back to your question,
    "So are you saying someone ftom the rifles could transfer to paras halfway through training even though it requires a higher run time?"

    Unless its in the very early stages, no. To be honest, I've never heard of anyone transferring into Depot during training, it's always been the other way round.

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