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Transferring during Phase 1

Hi all. I'm not sure if this would be better in the 'Training Wing' as it is regarding basic training but I guess Catterick instructors lurk around these parts.

Anyway. I'm currently at Pirbright undergoing Phase 1 training to join the Royal Artillery. I really enjoy the field side of life and feel I would be better suited to the infantry. My question is is it possible to transfer during Phase 1 to start at Catterick and rebadge to infantry?

Hi Stevis Ref your question on transferring to Catterick its not a prob. Put in a request to ur PC at phase one go through usual interviews with OC/COC. then a visit to ITB Catterick of an assesment on your skills/wepon handling. then await allocation to Divisonial Coy (Kings,Scots,Prince of Wales, Guards,Paras etc). BUT be shure u want to do it as there have been some right belters turn up get allocated then sack it after first Ex.

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