Transferring corps increases time to serve ??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by The_Incredible_Hulk, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. I rejoined the army in december '07 after a 3 year break, I have joined the RAC and am keen to transfer due to non enjoyment of my job basically. My mum died 2 weeks ago and now want to leave the army to be closer to the remaining family and enjoy life. If I transfer will I incur a time penalty and be forced to spend more time in ?? I can sign off in just over a year from now and am happy with that. I would still like to transfer though and see my last 2 years where I will enjoy it more. I would ask CMO but it doesnt exactly look good !!

  2. It's most certainly going to depend on what you want to transfer to.
    Keep your mouth closed about wanting out because whoever you want to go to may not want you if they know they won't keep you
  3. Hulk

    All the regs on residual time you have to serve on transfer are in AGAI 48 along with the procedures for transfer. This should be held somewhere in your RAO; don't bother trying on the net - it ain't there. I find the MOD puts out so much crap into the public domain to fit in with the Freedom of Information Act but none of the useful stuff. Ho, hum.