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Transferring cap badge

I'm currently applying to join the army in the AMS. I was wondering of you are able to transfer cap badges further in your career since I am interested in the intelligence corps too. It was briefly mentioned to me that I wouldn't be able to join in certain roles like the intelligence corps straight away since I originally wasn't a British National and only gained citizenship 7 years ago. I was hoping I could join the intelligence corps maybe after a few years serving in the army medical corps. Is this something that is possible?
Yes, you can. There is a healthy movement of both Soldiers and Officers from one cap badge to another. For some it is to fulfil a professional goal - language training or pilot training (though you can do that then go back). For some it is to reduce the stress on the body - I know both Commissioned and Non who went from infantry to AGC.

Most transferring takes place in the early/mid phase - usually about LCpl or Cpl so the receiving Corps still has time to get the benefit from the transferee.

I wouldn't say too much about wanting to transfer too early on in your career, but once you decide your Chain of Command should be supportive of a move or attempt to find out what they can do to help you stay.

Regarding the Int Corps, I am a bit (actually a lot) out of touch with the latest rules - it's 5 years since I left the Army and 17 since I transferred out of the Int Corps, but there are a myriad of specialist roles for you to explore, many within the Medical Services. Good luck with your career - wherever it takes you.
Thanks for the reply, it was helpful.
I am planning to join as an operating department practitioner or as a CMT and then transferring into the intelligence corps because of the different opportunities presented there.

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