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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by Shift1987, Aug 8, 2008.

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  1. Im currently serving as a electrical technician. (REME)
    Im interested in transferring into a medical trade, im interested in requesting to transfer to biomedical scientist.
    I have 3 A-levels (sociology, cemistry and human biology) bu no furter related quals, Will this be enough.
    Can anyone shed any light on the phase2 training?
  2. That's the first time I've heard of both of those trades. "Cemistry" has passed me by, too.

    Scientists tend to have degrees.

    Can you explain a little more? Have you spoken to your RCMO?

  3. Electrical technician, there's no such trade! There's vehicle electrician or electronics technician so which is it?

    I'm an electronics technician (class 1) that's why i'm quick to jump on that one as it's a major annoyance for me to be called an electrician by anyone, let alone by one of the REME who should know better. Anyway...... Rant over, and i apologise but i feel much better now :lol:

    Ok, now as part of my looking into transferring also i was looking at two trades, Radiographer and Biomedical Scientist. Both had the same criteria education wise i.e A-Levels in science based subjects equivalent to 220 UCAS points. Now as a class one technician the qualifications earned from that alone was sufficient due to my grades, however my qualifications still needed to be checked over by the university (I originally joined the army with only GCSEs). Oh and if you're wondering, i chose Radiographer as i felt it was more suited to what i was looking for and i start my training in the near future.

    My first assumption is that you have the necessary qualifications however you will need to speak to your RCMO who will look into it further for you, and speak to the correct people. Now to get a bit more of a feel for the job, if you go to then go to medical, there is a list of all the jobs that your qualifications open up to you such as.....

    Radiographer, Operating Department Practitioner, Biomedical Scientist, Registered Nurse to name a few, of which the phase two training is at university. Make sure that when you click on a job on the website that it says regular and not territorial as this can cause a bit of confusion, you'll understand what i'm talking about.

    Any questions about the transfer process then send me a PM or something and i'll try and be of some help. Just keep in mind that i transferred to Radiography so i can't answer too many of the Biomedical Science questions but i'm sure someone can.

    Good luck, always good to see more REME transferring in :D

  4. BMS phase 2 training is currently a 6 month pre university course (At Fort Blockhouse) followed by 3 years at a University (Portsmouth & Northumbria where the 2 when I done mine). The degree course has changed slightly over the past few years to take into consideration the changes made to the trade both Military and Civilian wise as far as becoming state registered.

    Army wise we are taking on maybe one or two people a year so if your serious about it then now would be a good time to start the ball rolling as the next course will start in Jan 2009. As far as your quals are concerned again like stated above they will be sent to the university that you are likely to go to for verification to make sure that you make the grade required. Best people to speak to would be the people at the BMS training school at Fort Blockhouse, Gosport.

    Good luck with it if it is what you decide to to with your career. Anymore questions feel free to pm me and I will try to answer them or at least point you in the right direction of someone who can.
  5. if you re a class 1 reme tech your btec is enough, if not you need 220 ucas points try the ucas points website

    there are not many bms, there are a few more radiographers, i was put off from bms as apparently there is little interaction with people, and they said you just look at s**t all day.

    any other questions please ask i know its hard to find stuff out about these little known trades
  6. Army wise we are over our requirement for BMS with those in training provided they pass, RAF has 9 BMS not sure on Navy numbers. As far as looking at S@*t all day, nothing could be further from the truth, Microbiology is a small part in a wider range of jobs we cover, mainly blood sciences and transfusion especially on tour. We have plenty of interaction with the doctors but very little if any with the patients, and after transferring from Medic Im glad I dont have to interact with the patient.