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Transferring Blackberry contacts to Iphone4

Is there a biff proof method of transferring 633 contacts from Blackberry to Iphone please guru geek types.

It may save me smashing these two bits of kit up
simples - just use the inbuilt 'Transfer Data' app to Bluetooth your contacts and calender from your Blackberry.

oh silly me, i forgot - it's an iPhone - only Androids have the Transfer Data app that does it all seamlessly for you.
Feel better now you've expressed your thoughts of superiority over the iPhone?

However, only a mong would use a 723k link to transfer gigs of data when you could use a cable that runs more than 400x faster. Hell, even Wifi is more than 50x faster. But by all means rifleman, stick with your 723k.

what pre-historic shite are you operating?

723k my arse.

and who is talking about gigs of data? Porridge gun asked how he could transfer 633 contacts - you obviously are a data retard and have no comprehension of how big a vcard really is.

Bluetooth 2.1 EDR is quoted to run as 3 Mbit/s but that is probably in reality about 2 Mbit/s,

it took me about 12 seconds to export about 250 contacts and sh|t loads of calendar entries from my Sony Erricson to my HTC Desire Z over Bluetooth, so get with the program.

so by all means mong, if you would rather fanny around and waste time plugging in data cables to transfer just 633 contacts instead of waiting 15 seconds longer to do it all over Bluetooth then you crack on roadster but you are ill advising Porridge gun.

just remember the Riflemans Motto: "all that is necessary and nothing that is not" :nod:
Pain in the arse transferring data from one smart phone to another. Had a similar problem transferring my messages from a Nokia to an iPhone. If smart phones are so smart how come they need me to do it for them.


Book Reviewer
I dug out an old blackberry and looked up all methods with tons of websites and programs but then found that windows contacts will do it all.

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