Transferring as Electronics Tech


I am going through the process of transferring to REME as a Electronics Tech (also put down avionics and aircrafts tech as 2nd and 3rd choices). Just wondering if anyone out there had any advice on what pre-course studies to do before foundation training. I am Int Corps just now but was duped into thinking that it would be interesting by the careers office because I had never heard of them but after 4 years realised it is all shit and I want out of it.


So what you are saying is you want to transfer from the inteligence corps to the more inteligent corps....


To be perfectly honest, you'd be as well talking to a few of your guys. I know of at leat 6 techs that have transferred to your side. As for the job itself, you'll spend a lot of time at Arborfield (or wherever they put the new super-college) as you get loads of different courses for each posting you go on. REME battalions aren't as bad as everyone makes out in my opinion. Basically, it's still a life where you get paid a decent amount of money for fannying about. Hope you enjoy it.


I wouldn't worry too much about pre-learning any electronics but do try and get your maths up to speed. It's the foundation of all the academic work from basic through to tiffy. Try improving your mental arithmetic just to get yourself in the right frame of mind. When you get that sussed its basic algebra to simultaneous equations to quadratic equations. I think that's as far as basic maths goes, been a while since my basic course.

Most of the re-traders I know have gone on to be very successful. Probably because they had the extra maturity and discipline to study rather than any natural affinity for electronics. Get your head in the books when you need to and you'll be fine. Good luck.
LIsten to soldier w mate. Don't worry about preparing for your course as most of the stuff that they teach you will go in one ear and out the other. Just make sure that once you hit Arborfield you concentrate and put the hours in.


cheers guys. I have spoken to one ex-electronics tech who is now Int Corps but he thought it was shit and said I shouldn't do it but I've always had an interest in electronics and wanted to get into that before the army. I take it some of you guys have been in arborfield, what are the pads like? My wife will be coming over with me when I start on the course.


Pads in arborfield have recently(last 10 years!) been done up, they're not too bad. If you've got an interest in electronics, you're probably better off going avionics beleive it or not. Land systems techs jobs at first line are mainly box swapping nowadays, and at second line you use automatic test equipment. When you get to arborfield you will do 2 foundation courses followed by a long basic electronics course, if you do well (i think its over 75%) you are offered the chance to do avionics anyway. I can't tell you too much about avionics but i think its a bitmore electronically involved. Air techs are basically helicopter mechanics, not much electronics there!

I was thinking of transfrring to int corps, maybe not now eh?


Smeagle, I wouldn't talk people out of the Int Corps but its not all its made out to be. You do a 7 month course, and as a transferree fail any part and its a straight RTU, and at the end of it you have learned a load of stuff you will only use when you go back on careers courses and never in the real world. It is ok if you want to do one of the specialist jobs like Humint or Imint but they are not for me and the rest of the jobs really just involve being sat at a desk the rest of the time.


frankieboy, if its what you want to do, do it!!!!! In my opinion you would be better off just doing the basic course and see what is offered to you!!! Land systems (as it is now) gives you the best posting options. What smeagle said is true however as far as i am aware most first line tasks in avionics are box changes too!!!!!


frankieboy, what job you doing at the mo? PM if you prefer. there are a couple of jobs in the int corps you might be interested in that you may not have considered... but i don't know what you've done.

sounds like you've already made up your mind, but happy to chat about it if you want.