Transferring as a SuT

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Empty_Vacuum, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. Ok so I was going to get advice on ARRSE before I spoke to my CoC but basically there is a strong possibility that I'll be transferring from my current infantry unit to another in late September. Now my first question is what is the process and when do I initiate it? Now I'm currently undergoing my TSC(inf) and should hopefully have finished weekend 9 before I move away, so as a SuT (or whatever we're now referred to as) does this change the standard transfer process? I've also heard a rumour that you have to hand all your kit in and get a new set at your new unit. Is this case with all equipment or do we get to take say broken in boots with us?

    Thanks in advance
  2. I did this, I changed arms in fact. Not a drama, speak to your CoC and they'll do the paperwork, 1157 was sent over no new kit issue. I started parading with the other mob before the papers had gone over.

    Just have a good think/explanation for the move. If you're looking at getting through they'll always be sad to see someone go who they've managed to get in through the door and part way through recruit training. I had good cause/reason (they closed my detachment) and regimental admin was, sub optimal.
  3. Which unit are you moving to?

    Effectively on completetion of Weekend 9 you should have your Report book completed and a certificate signed that you have completed Weekend 9.

    Take said book with you to new unit and as long as you complete CIC within 8 weeks of completing TSC(Inf) then you do not need any refresher training.

    All you kit as mentioned can simply be transfered between units
  4. Moving to Uni?
  5. Yes I'm off to uni in September, was hoping to have finished my training before I went but due to my unit not letting me go on Saxon Challenge and all the various banks holidays its taken longer than I first anticipated. So when do you think I should contact the CoC, I mean I'm not going to know if I've actually got my place and if I'm going untill the end of August so don't want to leave it too late?
  6. Your current unit will be extremely disappointed to lose you. Esp given that you are going to Uni - they will automatically equate that to losing an Officer. Have you spoken to them about your choices within the same cap badge? They may offer to send you to your local OTC for Officer training - should you wish it. Or, Parade with a different Inf capbadge at Uni - doing the same w/e's etc, get CiC cracked and your unit should be made up as they get you in the holidays fully trained up for camp etc.
  7. Oh, and you are now a recruit again - no such thing as SuT anymore.
  8. Why did they block this?
  9. Only according to someones Facebook rantings.
  10. I know you don't know your results yet, but do you have an inkling of which Uni/area you will be going? Telling your CoC sooner rather than later is the better way to go about it, so they can start jacking up your transfer papers etc. Your Pl Comd or Coy 2IC should be fairly clued in to the possibilities. If your first choice was say newcastle, you could start the ball rolling for a transfer up to RRF (if you want to stay inf). The earlier you get their buy-in, the less likely your pay etc will be buggered up just in time for your loan running out! As stated previously, your unit would probably quite welcome you training with an OTC, but coming back for duty over the summer etc. - They'd take a chance that they'd get a new subbie out of it. Word of warning if you do go this route; DO NOT transfer into an OTC, your bounty will be pitiful compared to your mates back at your original unit. And ofc get CiC in as soon as you can!

    Edit: You'd only have to hand in your PLCE - wedding/bergen etc. Get new ones from receiving unit.
  11. Actually it is according to ASLS - the people who train phase one instructors
  12. Supposedly I couldn't wait till the Summer as it was too far away and so had to start the weekends. Because I'd started the weekends I couldn't drop out and do Saxon Challenge.

    Anywho thank you very much for all the advice, I'll get on to me unit as soon as possibile to get the ball rolling
  13. Ok but its not yet hit the shop floor this end then?

    Someone screwed you over there would have been nothing stopping you from dropping of and doing the fast track, better for everyone as they have someone quicker through the system.

    Actually no I'll rethink that comment as you said you only had WE9 to do, then they were right
  14. It is my understanding that if you transfer during your time as a SuT, you will be classed as Currently Under No Training.