Transferring and bounty problems - HELP



Back in October I transferred units after completing all my MATTs, attending annual camp, and with a total of 30 days training.

My new unit doesn’t have a record of any of the above or even what yr bounty I should be on and my old unit no longer has any record of me.

I’m currently waiting to hear back from my admin officer to see what can be done about this.

Does anyone have any experience with this and can advise?

I’m not too impressed at the prospect of loosing my bounty over an admin cock up :x
Ask your new unit if you are on their Forge, all your MTD's / MATTs should have been doubled tapped into there at the old unit.

If you're on the "new" units JPA then its fairly easy to produce a Certificate of Efficiency spreadsheet that will tell you how many days you've done and what bounty level you're on.
Correct me if I am wrong, but your old unit should keep a record of all MATTs taken i.e the SPSI or PSI should have them on a data base! JPA will have all your days attended training.



My old unit is claiming they can’t even find a record of my service number now that that I’ve transferred, although the admin chappy had me on hold for all of 30 seconds before he told me I didn’t exist anymore.

I would have thought they would need to at least keep a paper record of me of auditing purposes?

The new unit is now checking Forge/JPA again but in my original conversation with them computer says noooooo


It is all there, they are just being idle. Records of MATT results must be kept for audit purposes. Unless they do individual butt registers, records of CFTs etc, then you will appear on the group sheets held on file.

They are just being idle, and have not bothered to do the work to find them. Get your SPSI/PSAO to apply pressure to their equivalent in your old unit. Failing that, no CO worth their salt would want a soldier leaving because they have lost their duly earnt bounty. Pressure at CO level can be very effective!


Duke, you’re spot on.

My new unit has just had a chat with my previous and all of a sudden they’ve found all but my MATT5 and PFT pass.
MATT5 was passed on the same weekend as the others and the PFT was passed a month before I transferred so this can only be more idleness on the part of my old unit :roll:

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