Transferring after commitment bonus

I am currently looking at a transfer from the Army as a JNCO to the RAF as an Officer.

I have just been paid my 5 year commitment bonus (£5500 old scheme) which commits me to a further two years of service. I believe on the old commitment bonus scheme the amount you got, when it was paid, and how long you had to serve in return was dependant on capbadge.

I phoned JPAC yesterday however after reading various parts of JSP 754 to me they decided they didn't know the answer to whether I would have to give the bonus back. They suggested calling my clerk, however my transfer is not yet 'official' and I don't want to set any alarm bells off!

Any ideas?
it was only ever a 1 year return of servcie on the old scheme.
It wouldn't be a transfer would it? If your application was successful and you passed training, then you'd have to effectively sign off as an Army JR and sign on again as RAF Commissioned. I suppose it depends on how the powers would see that.
Yes you are right, technically its a discharge and an enlistment in a really short period of time. However I don't drop any pay (I mark time until it catches up), also my pensionable service remains the same.

There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer, I think it will come down to how Chief feels on the day.
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