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Discussion in 'REME' started by gingerslime, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. I transferred to REME as a Tech in June and I am still at Arborfield. Before I transferred I was a LCpl but had to revert in rank to Cfn. I was informed by a section comd in the other Coy that as of today all transferree's that had a rank before transfer can now wear it again. Has anybody else heard about this. Just wanting to see if I can get more info before approaching my Coy staff and looking like a cnut.
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It would help if you say how you gained your rank in the first place. By that I mean if it was because of your previous trade, it would be easier.
  3. Read your terms of transfer document, issued before you signed up to the transfer. Usually you get your old sub rank back once you are Class 2 in your new trade - if you were a LCpl before. That said every case is different so find the offer letter that REME MCM Div sent you
  4. I got my LCpl from my previous trade, had the rank for 4 years before transfer. The guy that told me said that it was a change in policy and MCM Div roadshow was here a couple of weeks ago and the Major said that changes were afoot.
  5. I understand that the rules now are Cpl/LCpl transferring keep their rank. Not sure if it's retrospective. The SPSO at HQ DEME(A) will know so either get your CoC to ask or get on the REME web and email him. Good luck.
  6. I'll do that first thing tomorrow then. Cheers for all the advise guys.
  7. I kept mine at bordom, in 06, but then 3 courses behind me had to take theirs off,

    the money stays the same though!
  8. From: DEME(A)/6070/2/9 Dated 22 Apr 08

    Authority is granted from promulgation of this letter for Cpls and LCpls who were successful in applying for transfer, and who have relinquished their rank to attend Phase 2 trg at SEME or SEAE, or are serving within the Field Army as a Class 3 tradesman to now wear their previous rank.

    Drop me a line and I can e-snail it to you if you want.........

    Or, better still get your CoC to wake the feck up and do their job..........

    Edited to add date of reference and the word 'spanglie'
  9. Cheers for that battsimm, spoke to my OC this afternoon and he got onto the Adj. End result is the Adj is putting through the paperwork for my promotionand I should be wearing the rank again in the very near future. For once a happy ending to some bitching.
  10. If you were a L/Cpl somewhere else then you have had a promotion to Cfn in REME.
  11. Spot on Battsimm,

    You can come out of the naughty corner now.
  12. In the old days (again) i was under the impression that L/Cpl was an appointment not a rank.