Transferred but want to sign off?

Hello another sign off question that I think I know what the outcome of abuse I will get on here?

Basically I would like to sign off but only transferred just over a year ago. The contract I signed was for 3 years minimum so sign off on the 2nd and be out on the 3rd but reason being with my wife and daughter and me being away constantly it's not working for us (small violin I know).
Can I still give a year notice to leave from now? Or do I have to 100% go by the contract. I have been in 6 years so far.
Has anyone know of anyone who has transferred then signed off.

Only because Iv seen new blokes come In and get out quick, not failing CDT or jelly head route but leaving with paperwork that wouldn't harm them getting civvie jobs.

Thanks in advance if you have any advice

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