Transferr to air corps

Hey guys just have a few questions was hoping for some insite.

Im 26 and have served about 7 years in the army. 6 in the infantry and nearly 1 with (dont mock) the MPGS. Turns out i think im still a bit keen and a bit high caliber for MPGS. I changed to have a better family life.

Today at work an air corp lt col approached me following a few conversations prior and said to come to his office to have a chat about me transferring over the air corps.

So questions
1. Presuming i have to do phase 2. What will happen to my pay.
2. Can i get fast tracked for promotion. Was a lcpl infantry and im top of my current platoon awaiting a pid now. (Probably take years) but im thinking in 5 years time if i could be in a better position if i just transferr than if i wait in a job were promotion is dead.

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