Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tommo16, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. I am contemplating a transfer im in 294 Sqn, 166 Supply Regiment. My original intention when i joined TA was to be a pioneer being ex Infantryman. I was told because of Govt's mergers/amalgamations etc etc.... that there wasnt much scope to join Pioneers? Not sure if anyone can assist here or knows any info, but i could do with a trade which can help me in civvy street too. Being ex reg with no quals is tough especially in security work. Anyone know anything???

  2. I don't know anything specifically about your question (that being the units involved) but I do know that you cannot be stopped from transferring.

    So I believe the short answer to your question is yes, you can transfer. Go and speak to your Platoon/Troop Commander to get the ball rolling.
  3. Its your right to be able to transfer, into which trade however is down to your apptitude/ability,joking apart if you want a good trade to take to civvy street become a chef, its a shite job in the forces, but you can rock into any civvy job as a army trained chef, my brother did it, he is head chef at a private school, £25,000 a year with 18 paid weeks holiday a year, the downside being unsocialble hours at some establishments.
  4. Pioneers will allow you to get some key qualifications for the construction industry including C+E for tippers, FLRT and plant licences although I believe you have to apply for the CTA card separately. The trade training includes basic joinery, concreting and brick laying but I don’t think they would be able to teach this to a good standard within the limited time for a career as a bricky or chippy. At a more senior level they also undertake the worksite managers course. Decent plant operators are always in short supply in civvie street and can earn a decent pile of cash out of it.
  5. The OC of the original unit needs to write a short pen picture on the individual and sign off to say that he is aware of the individual's intention to transfer. On the same form the OC of the receiving unit needs to state that he has a vacancy and that he is happy to accept the individual. You cannot be stopped leaving but you can be stopped transferring.

    I find the reasoning a bit strange - what specific trade do you wish to learn? If it's just A civvy trade then any RLC Unit should enable you to pick up a fair few on the transport and plant side of life.
  6. Out of the RLC specialists there are only a couple of Regiments that will get you a kick start to a civilian career:
    168 Pnr - construction and plant
    160 Tpt - Driver and Haulage - preferred to have Cat C on entry
    166 Sup - Warehousing and storage - Not aware of civilian qualifications
    Cat Sp

    Other Regiments are a little to specialised and recruit from industry direct or from people that have the relevant qualification, these are
    571 AT - Previous experience required from regular service(?)
    275 Rly - Preferred to come from the Rail Industry operations side.
    126 Pet
    165 P&M
    162 Mov
    163 Mov
    87 PC - Preferred to come from the Post Office
    88 PC - Preferred to come from the Post Office

    It is possible to join one of these units without any experience but be warned it does take a while to get trade qualified, for example I joined 275 Rly at 18 without a railway background and took a while to become trade trained, also it wont get you a Rail job as it offers no Train Driver qualification as you have learn the current Rail Rule book ect...
  7. Thanks for the advice all. It is all new to me coming from Infantry but would like to get as much as i can.But my original intention was to join the Pioneers i shall see how it pans out but trying to establish myself first!

  8. You can join 160 Tpt Regt on car licience ,Gain C+E ,Then if you dont ajust to transport transfer to 168 Pnr