Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cassa3897, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. just need some info please.
    looking to go from RRF to PWRR so need to choose which battalion.

    anyone now a rough time for a transfer and what is ceremonail duties like?

  2. Infantry to infantry? You mad?
  3. Ceremonial duties are what you make of them. They'll be interesting and a bit of a buzz at first but the novelty will soon wear off. You need to take advantage of being based in Woolwich, though I've been told it's very rough and some mates have told me that when they were based there they weren't allowed into town after dark or on their own etc. I've also had friends who've refused quarters in the area and have chosen long commutes from places like Aldershot rather than move their families to the area.

    That said, there's plenty of good places to go that are about 20-30 mins on the train into Charing Cross or on the Tube from Greenwich.
  4. thanks for the info :) and just wondered, presuming a transfer goes smoothly (which is a slim chance) could anyone tell me roughly in weeks it could take, i know its hard to say tho
  5. how long would an infantry transfer take roughly providing it all runs smoothly?

    a very wide question i know but any averages are a help:?
  6. 12 - 18 months
  7. 6 - 8 weeks
  8. Why dont you get a real TATTOO done instead of a wonder its running.

    Youve asked the same question in 3 different threads youve started.......speak with your CofC........Transferring is going to be a thing of the past....if you have joined up recently the JOB OFFER letter explained that to you.
  9. What boots and the Iron have said
  10. Right. We had a few inf guys transfer into the REME. The process took them over 12 months to transfer. Since the OP hasn't stated where from/to, it could well take over a year.
  11. True, the process was streamlined and should take no more than 3 months (I think) from application to acceptance, but you then have to wait for a new trade course to start etc. I know people who've gone Inf to RSigs and REME and it's taken a couple of months and people who've go to the RAMC and it's taken over a year.

    Although apparently new recruits sign a letter that tells hem they can't transfer anymore, unless the Army wants them to.
  12. It can do Smudge and I think everyone replying so far have valid points, as said though Transferring is going to be seen less and less. The ones Smudge are on about probably came into REME as Regimental Specialists so are something the REME needs (bringing something to the party). Now with the Job offer letter those who used to try and hold the Army to ransom with transfer me or else Ill leave are kindly being told by know what to press on JPA. The SPSOs dont need to take in people now but in some cases will do if it suits them....yes you do see some people being able to transfer still in phase 1/2 but its a massive gamble to join somewhere you dont really want to to try and jump the queue and get in faster now a days (especially with the JOB OFFER letter you have signed stating you are happy with what your going in as). Long gone are the days a soldier can blame his Recruiter saying he said I can change jobs once in.

    So yes Im sitting on the fence your all right...even Brigadier Booti
  13. if your with the 2nd BN ,stay with them, you will do ceremonial duties after Cyprus
  14. can someone tell me the process of transfereing. there are rumours kicking around my platoon that you have to wait till week 21 to actually transfer as they want to keep you in the infantry. a friend of mine wants to transfer to royal armoured corps after finishing phase 1 training. would he have to do phase 1 again or could he go straight to phase 2.

    in general can anyone outline just how to go about this????
  15. Phase 1 is phase 1. If you've done it, all you need is a retrade (phase 2).