Discussion in 'Juniors' started by tort, Aug 28, 2009.

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    All, I've spent the last eight years in the REME and attained my class 1 VM (B) and I am now bored sh*tless of my job (seriously i'm thredders with it) I like the Army but am looking for a new challenge in life. is there anyone who has been in my posistion and transfered without any regrets. I dont mind about dropping a Rank just need a new outlook on life as Tiffy and the REME is not for me anymore, any suggestions are appreciated
  2. hubby has just been accepted by RAVC hes had his papers in for over a year but like you is bored to death of his job and is looking forward to doing a job he will like.He was told he might drop his rank but he dont care they cant touch his money for 2 years anyway and he knows he will get it back before then , so go for it , if your job dont interest you find one that does.