Discussion in 'RLC' started by broon26, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. Hi all im an infanteer at the mo and due to medical reasons have been advised to to take another route in my army career or lack of it. Was thinking rlc port op, ammo tech, or petrol op. Can anyone give me some idea of the jobs eg day to day the job entails, promotion. Have been looking about on the net not really found much still need to go and speak to my rcmo but i would appreciate any help from anybody that do these jobs
  2. Theres a thread here that will answer many of your questions:

    Transfering to the RLC

    If there is anything specific you would like to know on Ammo Tech just ask.
  3. Its Petroleum Operator, so please dont say Petrol Op to a PetOp, but thats me being pedantic!
    One thing i will say ref your sitiuation, if the reason for you not being able to stay in Inf is lifting related etc (ie not being able to lift stuff etc) then dont bother with PetOp. Its a physical job but if your medical reason is being a sexual sadistic murderer (we've had them all!) then by all means Pet Ops for you!!!
  4. Port Op can also involve a lot of physical work dependant upon your rank and injury.
  5. If you can lift a Meat and Potato pie, you're ok for Ammo Tech!
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  7. What you lift things with your feet
  8. I do not know your rank, but you will be pushed to get into Pet Op or Port Op at present as we have few if any vacancies in either of these trades. If you are sold on RLC, look at the larger trades and you will probably have a greater chance of success; Log Spec (Sup), Driver, Log Comms Spec, Tank Transporter Driver.
  9. .....and if you can eat the whole pie, and still find room for a Yorkie bar, a life on the road moving armour (and thunderboxes) awaits :lol:
  10. RLC??? No, go R Sigs - you'll meet a better class of bint.
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