Transfering while still in training

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ste8270, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi, i have done my first (look at life) weekend and am waiting for my army number, the thing is i have found another tac that for a number of reasons i think would suit me better, can i transfer at this stage or will i need to finish my training where i am? also should i contact the new tac first or tell the people where i am now?


  2. If you have been sworn in, your paperwork is in a bit of a quagmire at the moment. Its not simple to extract you while your number is being issued. If you have not been sworn in, and your number isn't actually winging it's way to you, the move is easy.

    Talk to the TAC in question if, as I'm guessing, you don't with to raise the subject to your recruit team. They will let you know the score. As the initial training is the same, I should think you would be sensible to transfer after you are finished with basic. As a trained solider, you are a better prospect for a unit than a potential recruit.

    But my advice would be to talk to your local recruit team, let them know what your thinking. A recruit for the TA is a recruit, and the team should not mind too much if you want to transfer.
  3. I was sworn in about a month ago, at the unit im with now i was joining a reme lad, the one i want to go to is a reme bn.

    I will talk to somebody at my unit after xmas, the only problem i have now is the last few weeks i have gone up to find there is nobody there to see me and have been told to just go home and come next week, so i dont know when the next drill night is after xmas.
  4. Is it any wonder the TA has a retention problem?
  5. Transfer isnt a problem, speak to your psao and your recruiting team, also speak to the new unit as well, Some one from one of the units should speak to the other unit and then who ever deals with arcade in your original unit is able to transfer you over to the new unit.
    Sounds long winded but it just a tap of a button.
    All your docs should then be posted over.
  6. Think i will contact the unit i want to go to first and check they want me, then go from there.

    Thanks for the replies,