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I am new to this site as you can tell im currently serving in the Signals (TA) and im looking to transfer to a new unit around Essex/Herts/Cambs way.Would love some advice on helping me pick a new unit to go to.

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I've done it a few times so here's the best way through it all:

First, warn your Troop OC that you're looking for something different, explain your circumstances etc.

Get yourself onto 'find my nearest unit' on the Army website. It can be a bit poor, so do a websearch for the RFCA of the area you're in and see what you can find on there. Once you've found some check out their public websites and the parts on Armynet. If they're signals perhaps check out what's happening with them in 'The Wire' magazine (also online, can be found from Google) - might get a feel for what the unit is like.

Then make contact with the various units and ask to come down and talk with them, make sure their TP/PL OC or Sgt knows you're coming down so you can talk about your career prospects with them too.

When you've found the one you want get the paperwork from a clerk and get it all sent off post haste. If you want to train with the new unit before all the paperwork is sorted (if you think waiting for bounties is bad wait until you've tried this!) talk to your TP OC and get permission to train away and send in individual pay sheets (before the end of the months accounting period - as not doing this really upsets the pay staff).

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