Transfering units with a criminal record

Can anyone help me with a small dilemna. Im interested in transfering regiments for a bit of a challenge and to break away from the bullcrap that is my present one. The problem is, last year I was convicted in a civillian court and was awarded 3 different punishments. The army knew of this from the start, and recently they decided not to discharge me, only award me an AGAI, a promotion ban and a letter in my P File. Having asked in the local AFCO, I was dissapointed (but not surprised) to find that they wouldn't let me apply for the regular army because of the need to sign the rehabillitation of offenders act, which in my case my convictions wouldn't be spent for another 15 years apparently???

So, can I still transfer units within the TA or do I have to stay with my present one? Also, if I was ever to go down to RTMC Chilwell to mobilise, would they not accept me into regular service on the same basis as the AFCO?

Any help is very much appreciated
Very dependent on the offence.

But agai67 shouldn't stop you transferring, however if it's severe enough to be convicted then in theory you could or should be discharged, it could cause other issues later IIRC the civil conviction would stop you being accepted into service


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It is unlikely to affect your ability to transfer to another unit (unless you were thinking of going RMP...) but don't be surprised if your new unit want to see copies of everything and interview and speak to your current unit before accepting you.

It's worth noting that unspent convictions are no longer an automatic bar from entry into the Regulars (or TA) depending on the nature of the offence but it would appear in your case that the AFCO have seen your paperwork and applied RGIs correctly.


Two things really... your new unit may read your p file and then it's just down to their opinion.

If your new capbadge involves a review of your vetting then it may be looked at. So avoid Scallies and Int
The offence is the biggy here, without that most info will be speculative.


Just go for a transfer if you want it. You have served your civil and military sanctions put upon you so crack on and put it behind you.


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3 different punishments, 15 years till conviction spent?

Sounds odd.
Thought the maximum time for a conviction to become spent was 10 years?


I'm ex reg, in the TA and I'm also Met Police. If I was you, I'd seek advice from your TA seniors and express your wishes to transfer. You clearly won't be fit for role if you are required to drive and you may be advised against a transfer for the time being but don't give up as you will not be disqualified for 15 years as you mentioned unless of course it was through causing death by careless or dangerous driving. Most disqualified drivers see themselves driving again within 5 years but I don't know the ins and outs of your situation. If u want a more detailed opinion feel free to pm me and I may be able to give you a more detailed answer.
Where does he say anything about his conviction being for driving offences?

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