transfering to Scots Reg??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by HiHoClunge, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. In need to a bit of advice/slagging/abusing.

    I've dropped a major bollock, (might be losing ma license) so i'm not goin to be much fkuing use. Currently REME but hopefully i get the option of transfer??? any ideas!!!. What goes on for transfering to Inf or will THEY bin me on the spot? Want to go Scots Reg pref 5 Scots.

    Dont know whats happening yet just need some ammo for when theings go tits up. . .
  2. Have you spoke to your RCMO ref best route/options available to you, without knowing more details (and keeping with persec) arrse has it's limits my friend? your CoC would be your first route for factual advice.
  3. Why would the Infantry take you if you haven't got a licence. The infantry need a very high proportion of drivers, dontchaknow.
  4. bollocks fair enough.
  5. Depends why you might be losing your license, why should the Argylls take you let alone any unit if you are a G1 case, then again maybe it was it a 1 off, if so get in touch with the Argylls RCMO see if he can do some string pulling from his end. May I ask why the Argylls?