Transfering to RRS

I'm looking to transfer from phase 2 artillery to either 1 or 2 scots, what's phase 2 at ITC like? Anything I should do to prepare myself for going?
You don't have a choice which battalion you go to as recruiting is now centralised - the battalion(s) slotted in for the next HERRICK get most of the manpower from ITC. By the time you finish phase 2 you may very well be sent to 4 SCOTS (Germany) as we deploy next year.

Just keep working on your physical fitness - you'll do a lot of conventional warfare stuff (section / platoon attacks), different patrol types, harbour areas etc in phase 2, just the usual infantry "meat and potatoes" stuff. Enjoy!
I was told 2 scots is going on tour in spring, no in regular
4 SCOTS go in the Autumn - you could go to 2 SCOTS & perhaps deploy as a BCR mid-tour (depending when you finish phase2) in the meantime getting messed around in rear party, or come 4 SCOTS, do full PDT & a subsequent full tour.
Maybe its just me, but I beleive if you transfer to the Infantry then it should be because you actually want to be an Infanteer.

Not because you want to go home every five minutes.