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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by boredofmyjob, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. Im currently in phase2 but thinking i'd rather have joined the infantry as my current choice doesnt involve nearly enough of the good stuff i joined the army to do. i would however have to go right back and do the whole 28 weeks at catterick including phase 1 stuff i'v already done. Is this a good idea? How much harder is the PT then pirbright? just want to make sure im up to it before i make an decisions!
  2. What trade have you joined?
  3. Hcav but they're insisting we do 2 years(or more) ceremonial service before we even train as armoured reccon. I love the regiment and i like drill and good admin but 2 years without all the stuff i joined for is toss. Looking into a change to foot guards.

  4. Only thing i can suggest is asking your OC or SSM or someone who will be able to tell you if its possible.
  5. As the previous post has stated ask for interview with ur OC/SSM & think very carefully about joining the infantry, I'm ex-infantry & depending on the Regt & role will depend on ur routine

    either way making sure your 100% certain in your career choice while doing Ph2 Trg is best done PDQ but put a lot of thought into it & if possible ask other Potential Recruits & Instructor Infanteers what to expect

    All the best buddy
  6. RP578

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    Unless things have changed vastly in the last couple of years (possible), you need to speak to your RCMO and a five day assessment will be arranged at ITC Catterick to ensure that you are suitable for the Infantry. After you've done the assessment an AF B241 will be filled out and sent to Glasgow arranging your transfer.

    You don't have to trudge miserably through the rest of your enlistment. If you're not happy doing what you're doing, get proactive and find something you'd rather do. If you get any grief or resistance from your end about transferring to the Infantry (or just have some questions about it) contact SO3 G1(M&R) at so3mr @ .

    Good luck!
  7. thanks for all your help guys. I'm gonna start asking the questions when i get back off leave. to be honest i joined the army not for money or qualifications but to get fit and more importantly fight for this country(yes i still beleive in all that!). I dont see how i'm going to achieve either of those sat around knightsbridge for 2 years cleaning horses and having no PT sessions. Would be good to hear more about life in the infantry if anyone feels like posting a bit about it. Cheers.
  8. You can re-trade to the infantry, I know people who've retraded from the Royal Signals and the REME. There are internal transfer fairs which take place all over, I believe they recently took place at Gibralter Barracks in Camberley and at Deepcut.
  9. thanks again. Do i need to write a letter requesting a transfer? Who am i supposed to ask? I have a suspicion my ride NCO will just fob me off and try and delay so it becomes a hassle and i change my mind. Its difficult to know how to do these things because i'v only been in a few months.

  10. You'll need to go through your troop staff, you'll then have an interview with your OC who'll then arrange for you to see your RCMO. You'll then fill in the paperwork and then go on COs memoranda to ask for leave to transfer (this is how it works in my unit anyway), then you'll have various interviews with Personnel Selection Officers etc.

    If accepted you should only need to do phase 2 training.

    If i were you i'd think very carefully about which regiment to transfer to. The Guards are good regiments but you will still be required to do public duties. The Grenadier Guards, Coldstream Guards and Scots Guards all have incremental companies which you may have to spend some time in doing ceremonial duties before being posted to your Bn. The Grenadier Guards, Coldstream Guards, Welsh Guards and Irish Guards are still moving every 2 - 3 years between London District and Aldershot so you will still have to do public duties with your Bn at various intervals.

    But as has been stated speak to your CoC first and if it's what you really want to do don't let them fob you off.
  11. There are plenty of good line regiments out there other than the Guards so if it's action and a bit less BS maybe that would be your better option. Don't let your management talk you out of this if it is really what you want to do. I retraded a third of the way through a trade course, it took more than a few interviews, a lot of people asking me to explain my reasons and trying to make me feel guilty about wasting the Army's time and money but I stuck with it and got my way.
  12. i transfered to the infantry from a corp. I felt the same way as you do regarding the reasons for joining the army in the first place. If your determined enough too transfer they shouldn't stand in your way. I had too go back too week 5 of training because i hadn't been trained on the LMG. If this happens too you, you will find your at a higher level than the other lads, but just stick with it. I feel its made me a better soldier for having to do it again. The PT is quite a bit harder at catterick than it was for me at Pirbright.
  13. yeah i will have to do that too then. im 90% sure about this change now!

    EDIT - took most of the origional post out for security reasons, didnt realise at first.

  14. Hello, I was just wondering if the info in this thread still applies now.

    I'm REME and in phase 2 but thinking that it was mis sold to me and is not at all what I want to do. I have put some serious thought into it and I want to join the rifles which was my original choice when I walked into the recruitment office.

    Any hints/advice would be appreciated