Transfering to foriegn armies, other than AUS & NZ

A question for any US (or other foriegn) servicemen out there:

A mate and I were discussing a mutual friend who is thinking of transferring to the Australian Army. The question that followed, is can British Army Officers transfer to any other nations armed forces, specifically the US Army/USMC (and keep their rank)?

I've never heard of anyone transfering in this way to any armed forces other than the Australian and New Zealand ones. Can anyone tell me different/prove me wrong?
Yes, I know of a Major in the Artillery as a Rapier Gunner who is on some kind of transfer program to the US Army as a Patriot Gunner.. if this is what you mean I guess he has transferred cause he hasn't come back ;)
I know of a R Sigs SSgt who was planning on transfer to the US Signals, he was to stay roughly the same as an OR-7, on transfer.

Don't know if he did or not, I left the unit prior to his departure.

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