Transfering to a New Unit

Having finally left uni and settled back into the Midlands, I'm thinking of transfering to a different unit or possibly a different cap-badge altogether.

I'm currently RAMC. With the wind down of the CMT role for us non-meds combined with the limitations of being in a specialist unit, I'm feeling a wee bit frustrated about my lack of involvement with the TA.

Can anyone recommend a unit in or abouts Birmingham/Warwickshire/Staffordshire that're worth looking into or, conversely, one to avoid?

The TA website gives some info, but nothing too detailed.
Inf wise there's West Midlands Regiment. It gives the option of staying as a medic in the RAP if there's places

Our Coy is a recent bolt on, but the training we've done so far hasn't been bad in comparison to the 'old' inf Bn
I'll have a look. Looks like A or C company might be the closest ones to me.

Drop PTP a PM.

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