transfering regiment from 9th/12th to light dragoons!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by killergibbo, May 3, 2009.

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  1. not posted on this site since i was in phase1 lol and that was 2 years ago now!

    anyways just want to get people options or info aou transfer's

    at the moment am based in germany and things are good here but the whole reason i need a transfer is based on me getting married(well i am getting married in november 2009)

    ive put my transfer into my troop leader and now iv got a interview with my oc tomorrs morning sometime!

    reason for me wanting to move regiments is because i want to settle down in the uk with my new wife,she has family already in the LD's so things will help her even more,i feel myself that i need to be closer to my family i.e being in the uk and not i only have 1 year till i can sign off and it makes things alot easyer while being in the uk if i choose to leave the army.aswell as those the LD's do alot more tours and i would like to atleast see afgan once as iraq was abit boring lol

    my regiment is not on tour at the moment and this year is just a training year so am sure they will have plenty of time to put all this paperwork into the pipeline!but the LD's are in afgan at the moment so would this affect my transfer i.e the paperwork! or would rear party be able to sort this matter!

    is there a max time this can all take?

    i feel myself making this move is the best for me and the regiment

    well i just wana hear from other people's angle's

    cheers guys stay safe