transfering out of the army

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sharkie, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. i am considering transfering from the army (rlc) to the raf as aircrew
    does any one have any information as to the procedures and what the systems in place are?

    please no spam serious replies only

  2. Sharkie why not go for a airgunner with the air corp - or do you want to rebadge and do new job completely?
  3. i hadnt thought about changing to air corp, how do i go about finding out more info about door gunner
  4. Process to transfer is simple. Speak to you local AFCO and they will start the ball rolling for you. If successful in your application you will then be called forward for an initial suitability interview at RAF Cranwell. Be warned it's quite a long drawn out process so if you're serious about it you need to be patient and competition for places is high. Details can be found on the RAF website.
  5. I'm just going through the process with one of my lads who wants to go RAF too (not aircrew mind).

    We filled out an Army Form B241, which seems very much for internal Army transfers but is apprently the correct one. It has been faxed to George Weatherstone at RLC MCM Div (phone x3767, fax x 2915) and he takes it forward from there.

    I spoke to the RAF Careers helpline and they pointed me in the direction of the B241 form, but also suggested an interview with themselves.

    It doesn't seem to be very clear or joined up, which is not really a surprise. Good luck with the transfer, hope it all works out for you.
  6. I transfered within the army. started the process in Oct and it was completed by Feb. There is a DCI kicking around somewhere and unless you have been formally warned for Operations it should take around 3 months. dont quote me on this but mine went very smoothly.
  7. The process is detailed in Queens Regs, I actually saw it today whilst looking for something else.

    Transfers to other services.
    A regular soldier will not normally be permitted to transfer to the RN, RM or RAF but, subject to the overriding manning situation at the time, he may apply to join either in the ranks or as an officer. Each case will be considered on its merits, particularly if an applicant has strong family associations with that Service.

    The rest of it basically says that you go through MCM by submitting AFB241 via your RCMO, then wait. If it is approved, you you are then enlisted into the new service, and the army will discharge you from the date immediately preceeding the enlistment date. Seems you can only pull this off with a minimum of 4 years in.

    To get the proper detail, check Queens Regs 9-246 to 9-249, and speak to your RCMO.

    Edited- Just realised I was beaten to the mark by Maldrop.
  8. You should submit an AF B241 (with copies of last 3 CRs/Appraisals, JPA Conduct Sheets, and Personal Position Profile Report) through your RCWO to MS Sldrs CSS, MP210, APC. Because you're looking at another Service as opposed to an internal transfer within the Army you only have to have Sections 1-3 of the AF B241 completed (with Section 3 being signed off by your CO). MS Sldrs then run with the Application - not RLC MCM. Good luck....but make sure you do your homework on the Crabs first :D
  9. I thought DCI was obsolete
  10. Probably are but you know what i mean :D
  11. thanks for the info i have done some research and as i am slightly colour blind (cp4) i am not allowed to be considered for aircrew. so i am thinking raf police.
    as i am currently based in an raf squadron in raf odiham i dont have an rcmo or access to army forms. help!?
    also the nearst afco ( i asume the new name for raf carrer office) is either london or plymouth! both about an hour away
  12. You really want to join those tossers? There are a lot of trades available if you really want to join the RAF, what are you doing workwise in the RLC? You may have some skills that you could transfer.
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  14. Am transfering myself from the RLC, still within the Army though.

    The paperwork is simple and MCM have to action within 28 days from your signature.
    Have to say MCM have been brilliant throughout the whole process so far.

  15. i am a dvr/rad op in the rlc, am currently the glo's driver.