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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by RTFM, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently a recruit in PARA Coy at ITC (C), where I have been for 14 months. I am being forced to transfer due to recurring lower limb injuries.

    Int was initially my first choice, but perhaps foolishly with the benefit of hindsight, I chose to go Airborne first then transfer after a few years.

    I'm just after some information on how relevant my GCSEs would be, some 7 years after I took them. My results were poor (2 Cs, 7 Ds - mostly based on coursework), due to the fact I had already been offered a place at college. Since finishing my BTEC at college I have completed several IT qualifications (I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional in admin and implementation of Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 Server, and a Cisco Certified Networking Associate) at night school and worked for 4 years as a Network Manager for a small IT training company.

    Once totalled up these IT qualifications would be worth at least an HND, would the Int consider these relevant academic qualifications to attempt the selection cadre?

    My thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

  2. perhaps you are confusing the Intelligence Corps with an IT help desk?

    ah nostalgia...

    "Crucible helpdesk, LCpl Fucknuts Sir!" anyone? ;)
  3. Surely your IT skills could be put to better use in the Signals?
  4. Nah, i'm aware that my the skills are more relevant to the IT industry but surely they are more relevant, and evidence of the mental agility needed within the Corps than some exams which I failed to go to 7 years ago.

    In the arrogance of my youth I decided that I'd be better served going to watch the world cup than to take my GCSEs.

    Good work there.
  5. RTFM,

    Speak to the INT CORPS Recruiting WO2 on 94 649 2339 - he will be best able to advise on the current educational qualifications required for transfer and at what rank.

    There is no reason why you shouldn't use your local Army Education Centre and your Standard or Enhanced Learning Credits to re-sit or take the missing GCSEs. They should also be able to advise on taking the Modern Languages Aptitude Test (MLAT) - a good score will be of some advantage.
  6. RTFM, Ill try to answer as best i can - being an old transferee and all that.

    Firstly you wont be transferring as you are still a trainee - therefore you will classed as a 'reallocation' So did you have Int Corps on your list following your Barb Test? If not then i would suggest you look seriously at the Signals as you are unlikely to be able to reallocate to a Corps that is not on your "list"

    IF Int Corps appears on your list then surely the next logical step is to pursue it through your chain of command?. The OC etc are best placed to contact the Recruit Selection Centre at Chicksands to get an answer from the horses mouth.

    Your plethora of IT qualifications may get you past the hurdle of the current requirement - but there is no guarantee. The Corps, although it needs people, has tightened up the academic qualifications for transferees and probably (though not definitely) reallocations. Your age and 'life experience’ and previous employment may also carry some weight. However all of this will only get you as far as the initial selection where you academic ability amongst others will be tested.

    In Short Ask your OC to find out, if you don’t ask you don’t get.

    If you do get through and are accepted onto a course – remember you won’t be a transferee and you aren’t a Para. Ive seen plenty of Crows at Chicksands who for some reason think that because they have spent a few months at another Depot they are somehow better than everyone else. They aren’t and just manage to alienate themselves, give transferees a bad (worse) name and generally get on everyone’s tits.

    End of. Rant over.

    Hope it goes well, though in all seriousness you really should consider the signals (no I am most defiantly not an ex scaly) In all honesty your previous qualifications would benefit you considerably more in the Signals than in the Int Corps, resulting in better jobs and quicker promotion etc.

  7. maybe he doesn't WANT to be a scaley :)

    i certainly wouldn't.
  8. True enough, but if he cant be a Para, or in the Corps the next "best" option given previous experience etc is the Signals - and if he is still desperate and medicaly fit enough he can always go to 216. Otherwsie its Civ Div or some lesser Regt/ Corps like the AAC :wink:
  9. RTFM,
    Your IT skills would be a big boost to the Int Corps, they mainly consist of people who type with one finger and think an IT system is something to play games on or view porn images on (they still have worked out what MPEG's are). During my time with them in Iraq I found that they couldn't :
    1. log on using a username and password
    2. Invent their own password that doesn't consist of their last four and/or their first name
    3. Remember their password
    4. Link up a simple peer to peer network
    5. Plug in a printer
    6. Install a printers drivers
    7. Put a floppy disk in the correct way round
    8. Remember where they have left their USB drive with all the sensitive stuff on
    9. Didn't realise that Access is a database program and it needs to be set up correctly before it works
    10. After editing someone else’s Int Rep that clicking 'Save' (instead of 'Save As') actually overwrites the original report - we lost over 200 reports because of this - seriously !
    11. Realise the importance of a secure system (it took me 16 minutes to bypass the laptop security system)

    Generally don't use the analysis capabilities of current software to its full potential.

    If you can set up a network (CISCO) and administer it, understand Windows and UNIX, design spreadsheets and databases (then explain to an idiot how to use it), and use the analytical features then you should find your skills in high demand. With a background in the Infantry at least you could operate in the field (which is more than most can) and I would at least trust you to open a ration box with a bayonet without cutting the tip of your finger off.

    CISCO is an industry level qualification and is (I think) equivalent to a level 3 ('A' level) or possibly level 4 (degree level) qualification. If you can handle the academic side of the CISCO course and all the associated reading and theory work then you should not have a problem with what is going to be asked of you.

    Other than that, the info offered by GreenMachine and Next to the tank is sensible and useful (not something you always find on this forum).

    Go for it, if you find its not for you - then transfer somewhere else, what you got to lose?
  10. Whoa...16 whole minutes to by pass the security for a lap top. Check you out.
  11. Ha, lol, Crucible Helpdesk, a great case of the blind leading the blind if there ever was one!
  12. RTFM,

    If you want to use your IT skills AND join the Int Corps, ask to be a linguist. More IT than you can shake a stick at round our way, and you'll probably find it a damned sight more interesting than being an IS Op in the Sigs. You'll also be a lot closer to the 'action' in several senses of the word.

    Currently the Corps is only teaching Arabic and maybe Farsi as starter languages. While you are languishing at Catterick you could probably get a Modern Language Aptitude Test (MLAT) organised. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Currently you cannot join the Corps directly as a linguist
    but you can opt for language training after a couple of years. :roll:

    If you decide to go down this route, make sure you specifically tell the recruiter that you are interested in being a linguist. There shouldn't be a massive drama, we're a bit strapped at the minute.

    Best of luck mucker.

  13. wow, i have waited 3 years for your second post and it was a corker. you are clearly an IT genius.

    (forgot your arrse logon password did you? ;))
  14. No...course not. he's been away on his postdoctorate in modesty.
  15. Many thanks for your help..

    I for one would not be going around giving it big licks wherever I transfer, I do not consider myself a paratrooper and I only had one attempt at P Coy and only made it to the second day before I could barely walk.. (Never try P Company after 5 weeks on the sick chaps ;) )

    All your advice has been taken on board.