Transfering into AAC from int.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by SGTsaladfingers, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. Hey, so im thinking of applying for intelligence corps. I applied and was accepted for army pilot, however due to the lack of places i wasn't offered a final start date. The intelligence corps looks a very interesting career to follow, but i would like to move into aviation after a few years, whether with the military or through taking a PPE myself. My question is, is it easy to get into the AAC as a pilot from the int corps? The reason i wonder is because i know the int corps is quite a small corps, and a challenge to get in, so would it be equally awkward to transfer out of? I realise the idea might sound rather stupid that i would apply to the int corps just to leave, but that is not the case. I want to enjoy and experience 4 years or so with the corps, and do a couple of tours before i transfer over, just so i have a good knowledge and experience of the army. If anybody has any personal experience of int types transferring over that would be a great help.
  2. There are people trying to do this at the moment so it can be done.

    You may find that your lack of real interest in joining the Int Corps may trip you up however when applying for a corps that is highly competitive though. That's my opinion though.
  3. Ask CRmeansceilingReached ;-)
  4. Are you in the Army yet? I was under the impression that you can't apply for the slot of Army Pilot direct from civvie street...
  5. If you go down the officer route I think you can, perhaps flashy can inform us?
  6. As far as I know the int corps do not have and certainly dont train pilots.
  7. Yeah you can join as an officer for pilot, although from what i hear you dont do many tours before you go on to a more managerial role. I see your point iron rations, and its a fair one. If i was to join the int corps i would make sure i stick at it for a while, and i do see it as a genuinely interesting career in its own right. I may even decide to stick at that once im in. And thanks lord flasheart, ill see what he says.
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    Yeah but I do ********. Aren't you the cleverest guy in the aviation world? Aren't you the most clever guy that ever changed a tyre?
  9. I see the government's attempts to curtail binge drinking isn't working. I'm guessing the increase in petrol prices hasn't stopped you from drinking anything flammable either? We can rejoice in the fact that this time next year, you'll be on a slab being prodded by a coroner whilst he removes your pickled organs and flogs them to some third world country to keep a family in solid fuels for a little while. Mangina.
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    I doubt it. Love the beginner pilot thing though. You'll go far flash, NOT.
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    Another nobody who flys police choppers and lives off their pension.
  12. Jealous?

    And now you're arguing with yourself....
    I'll leave you to it
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    Not at all, I've made the move to civvy street. Mr WO2 Lynx pilot, means shit flashy, not a jot, funny humour aside, as you will learn. Pilots are ten a penny. Being able to pole a cab about the sky is not really difficult.
  14. Have you done that often enough to be a quotable source, or are you simply anti Pole?
  15. Agreed

    Agree too. (Well, I find it easy anyway)

    I'm guessing you are more successful in civvy street than you were in the Army?