Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by HENDO, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone ever done this or know of anyone who has. Im due to start pirbright in 2 days having discharged from the TA.
  2. like wise if i sign up for the TA do i have to do the full term of service if i pass RCB in aug and go to rmas?
  3. why were you discharged :|
  4. You can leave the TA at any point regardless of weather you’re transferring over to the regs or if you just want to leave the army. The only exception to this is if you have been called up for service.

    With regards to transferring to the regs.
    A fully trained TA soldier can request an S-type engagement which means you become a full time TA soldier working alongside the regs, this can last for a maximum of 12yrs.
    If a TA soldier decides he likes this soldiering lark and wants to make a career out of it, then you have to go through your BARB test and basic training just like any other reg recruit – this is regardless of weather or not the STAB in question is fully trained or not.

    Mods – could we have a sticky on how to leave the TA and how to transfer over to the regs? These questions are asked frequently and are good for both potential recruits and the junior ranks to know.
  5. Err explain your situation please, and I'm guessing your 'shift' key is not broken so please use capitals where appropriate. You're planning on joining the TA, want to go Officer and have got a date for RCB. Yet don't know how long you will be required to serve for? 8O :roll: The answer is theoretically three years but it is often a case of letting the OC/CO know your intentions via your chain of command, then hand in kit, sign some paperwork and probably resign your commission.

    Are you planning to join regs after you've been in the TA? If so it's a similar process anyway, at the monent. Really, please think before you type because what you said made little sense.
  6. Would be a great help as this was what I posted a few backs back (and later removed as got no response!).

    Seems odd that transparency is muttered about and yet is one-way street in reality.

    Thanks for posts all,

  7. I discharged myself in order to move to the regs full time. I start my basic training at ATR pirbright tomorrow, I did look at the idea of a S type however I may not be guaranteed to stay on after 12 years.
  8. It would be amusing if a STAB lance-jack or full screw did an S-type and ended up instructing at an RTC, and then decided to go regular and ended up getting processed through the same RTC as a recruit (because his TA training is obviously inadequate :wink:).