Im transfering from the TA to the regs and im due to commence my basic traing at ATR pribright next month. What im wondering is do you think i will be treated any differently from the rest of the recruit's for example will I be beasted more becuase I was in the TA.

I was going to try and keep it hush hush but iv been requested to take along my personal kit so its gonna be quite difficult to hide the fact I was in the TA.


Might be difficult to keep it quiet. Your Regt No will be a give away.
Do not hide the fact you were in the TA it will not work!

Do not start sentences "In the TA we did it..."

Do not start sentences "When I was..."

Your instructors will not pick on you (unless they (or you) are complete Knobs). They may expect slightly more from you as you will have covered a lot of it before.

Don't worry about it too much just keep trying 100% , avoid becoming "Paranoid Pete" thinking they are picking on you because you were in the TA.

Good Luck and Enjoy
I was in the TA (3BW) before I transferred.

I was told to help out the admin vortex's, and to stay awake in the classes (if you know what I mean).

Never got singled out, (though was always asked why my army number was lower than theirs and why I had more medals than them)

Dont worry mate. Put in 100% all the time and the time will fly by.

Basic Training! People say its the best time of their lifes. Not far wrong.

But most of all ENJOY!!!!!
I transferred into the Regs from TA at 21 into the LI and was the third oldest in an intake of 63, nearly everyone else being 17.5 or 18.

My number was obviously older than theirs and I got nicknamed TA Ted by the other guys.

Just stick at it, at the end of 6 months I passed out along with 26 others, everyone else had either dropped out or been backsquadded.

Good luck
Yher im almost 25 now so I think I may well be the oldest one their think the first part is gonna be a bit like sucking eggs, however their gonna be allot which i probably was not taught during my time spent in the TA.

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