Transfering from TA "A" to OTC?

Have only just finished my recruits course and feel that I'm in the wrong unit, and want to join the OTC. As a TASO or normal OCdt doesn't bother me at this stage.

How do I go about doing it? My unit has been good to me so I don't want to say I'm joining the OTC and then fail the selection only to have to beg to be let back through the gates at my old TAC.

Do I do the OTC selection and then put the transfer through?


Just slam your tabs in, admit that you are not up to a life of part time soldiering and request a transfer to the sports and drinking club.

If you are worried about failing an OTC selection, the mess Webley awaits. Mind you, you would have to get someone to show you how to use it first!
You're a liar, you just think if you go to the OTC you'll get laid more! :D And you'd probably be right! :wink:

I know I would if I could
I'm currently RSigs, and to be honest I didn't join the TA to play around with masts all day, and thought that I would get more infantry type work done with the OTC.


So the forward thinking potential officer didn't realise that joining the Royal Signals might include playing around with signals equipment?

As they say, all the clues are there....
Go for it, it sounds like you are doing it for the right reasons and if it doesn't work out the TA will always have you back due to man power shortages. Good luck!
I presume that you are eligible for membership of an OTC. Ie full time student at one of the universities affiliated to the OTC you wish to join, normally with at least 2 years full time study left and within the age limits.

The best thing would be to give the unit a ring and speak to whoever is in charge of recruiting. However this may have to wait for a month as most OTCs are on leave for most of Aug and many key people wont be around until September.

I think given the time scale most OTCs are going to say stick with the TA for another month or so , come along on our recruiting weekend and see what you think and how you do. Assuming you get offered a place you can then apply to formally transfer TA units. Do give them a ring before the open night and let them know you are coming. As your case is slightly unusual you will want to have a few minutes to chat to someone about transfering and where you slot into training.

If you go along on the open night and recruiting weekend you will find out a lot about the unit and meet the people in it and planning to join it, enabling you to make a fully informed choice about transfering.

Unless you are a complete biff, if you have passed TA recruit training I cant see why you wont be offered a place.

If you get an onside OC recruiting they may be prepared to offer you a place outside of the normal recruting cycle - ie do a deal now. But you would need to ask the unit.

You need to discuss where you fit into OTC training. If you have passed recruit training it more than covers MTQ1 and so you should slot into second year training. However this is down to the the COs discretion to some extent.

Whatever you do don't leave and then re join It is much easier to transfer units that leaving and rejoining the TA.

PM me for further info if you want.
You have to do everything you can. I have been in on OTC selection meetings where all those who got the pass mark and had 3 years left go straight in, then it was best of the rest (ie those with 2 years to go) who could take up a few of the remaining places. Better candidates with 2 years left did not get in, which from the OTCs point of view was the correct decision.

However, as eSeL points out, why not just join the infantry?

I'm sure I'll come across your other thread that explains why Gp A infantry isn't for you.
You should be ok on that front then, depending on the numbers going for selection. Swings lantern again........

One year on an OTC selection we had 50 too many applicants. The last one I went to (As Gp A officer selecting TASOs) the uotc didn't even take its full complement due to lack of suitable candidates.

So why don't you want to join an infantry unit then? I'm wondering why having stopped doing DETAPO you want to go back into another (so-called) officer training environment, instead of just getting muddy for a year or so as a Tom?
You will probably find your unit may encourage you to go fwd for OTC, after all they would get back a guy ready to go to sandhurst and loose all of his common sense and come back a one pip wonder. And perhaps if you went to otc and were sidetracked by an inf unit towards the end of your studies [cough] 4 para [/cough] they might forget about you.

[cough] [/cough]

am of for some beechams
ssjmawson said:
Didn't you fail selection last year and talk about it here? If you're gonna go for it then good luck, I might be there helping out.
I wouldn't exactly call it "fail" as I heard a lot of floppies were taken on? Strange how they "passed". I heard a lot of people also didn't make to the end of the year, hmm, so how did they "pass"?
OTCs always have a reasonably high drop out rate, this is recognised, and enables them to be rather generous with MTDs to those who stick around.

I would be interested to see who you define as Floppies? Given the true meaning of the phrase I can't see how many can be taken on.

As for dropping out, why aren't you still on DETAPO?

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