Transfering from specialist.

I am currently dragging myself to Grantham on a 8 hour round trip every time I want to train. The Scottish Transport regiment is less than an hour away from my new home. How easy do you think it will be to transfer within the same Corp.
I would imagine it wouldn't be a problem. Anyone willing to make an eight hour round trip should be catered for at all costs.
You would think so, but to be honest. My regiment was a bit rubbish during my Afghan tour and have not really been much better since I got back. I am trying to not to tar the whole TA with the same brush. I just hope they let me go with no fuss. Doubt it though.
It should not be a problem at all - speak to your current unit and then the Scottish Transport Regiment. You will need to complete an 'application to transfer' form which has to be signed by both current and new units.

One point to consider though - as a member of a National TA unit (including all Grantham-based units), your minimum commitment is 19 days training per year (of which 15 are "in-camp") but you don't have any evening parade nights. The minimum commitment for the Regional TA (including Scottish Transport Regiment) is 27 days (15 "in-camp") plus you will be expected to attend drill nights once a week.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
Dont drill nights count as 1/4 day training though?
drill nights do count for a 1/4 days training,and you still get m.m.a. for your travel to the tac.i tranferred from a specialist unit(bordon, i live in leeds) to an independant unit.i found no problems at all,and it went smoothly,took about 4 will have to do more training,and to be honest,that is why i transferred.hoe this helps matey

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