transfering from RLC driver to RAVC dog handler

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jay787, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. hi all just after a bit of advice about transfering over RAVC , im currently an RLC driver at a mainstream rlc unit ive done a tour , i was attached to 2 RW for about 3 months , i had the pleasure of having a dog handler with us aswell. and it realy interested me in transfering i got back from tour and i had a motocross accident , and snapped my ACL ligament done alot of damage , im currently waiting for a reconsutrction , but still doing squaded pt and still passing pft's , once ive had my surgery and rehab im looking at transfer.

    ive got good experience with dogs i have 3 springer spaniels a bitch , and her 2 pups.

    i consider myself quite physically fit as i still do a 9- 9.30 pft with my injury .

    the reason im after transfering im bored of being stuck in core which is over manned with BIFF's Retards Lezbians and Common wealth.

    so just after a bit of advice about how hard itis to transfer over , and some knowledge and whats it realy like .

    thanks in advance Jay.
  2. You need to be very careful the way you word things. You're post is bordering on racism and sexism which can and will get you in alot of trouble. It will also make people think twice about accepting you in their Corps.

    I hope you don't mind working with the Corps that you leave as there is a high possibility of that happening if you return to AFG as a dog handler.
  3. yer cheerz dinger was a bit thoughtless , working with the RLC i wouldnt mind as i wouldnt be in it and be doing a challenging worth while job .
  4. Best of luck then. If you get the opportunity to work with the C-IED TF watch were you put your feet ;-)